Indiana - Area Code 260

Where is Area Code 260?

Area code (260) is in the state of Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana is a small town on the east side of Indianapolis. Fort Wayne has a beautiful skyline with several skyscrapers, including the world's tallest freestanding tower. It is also known for being a home to the world's largest Ford Motor Company plant. Fort Wayne was named after Alexander Wooster Fort, a Revolutionary War hero who led a band of soldiers and settlers to victory against the British in the Battle of Fort Dearborn. Today, Fort Wayne serves as a center for manufacturing for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, entertainment, education, and health care.

Fort Wayne is a historical city in northeast Indiana. The Follinger-Freimann botanical garden has an indoor desert, tropical and display gardens, and indoor display areas that are perfect for the family. The historic 18th-century Cathedral of the Immaculate Conceptions has impressive stained glass windows. American sculpture and painting are the main attractions at Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. The Museum of American Art has art from all over the world. The 60-acre Museum Park has picnic areas, tennis courts, and hiking trails. The Fort Wayne Zoo has a variety of animals and exhibits such as a lion habitat, or exhibit, and a penguin show.


Fort Wayne is an excellent location for the arts enthusiast. The Fort Wayne Symphony Orchestra features a variety of music ranging from classical to jazz and even gospel and blues. The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra also plays a wide range of music from the Classical and Baroque periods. A popular summer concert series is the Great Lakes Symphony Orchestra. The Fort Wayne Opera is another organization which performs many musicals. The Fort Wayne Chamber Orchestra and the Fort Wayne Symphony Orchestra are both great places to see live music. You can also watch live performances at various theaters in the area.

Fort Wayne is also home to the American College of Surgeons. They conduct a number of surgeries throughout the country and have a very good reputation among the medical community. The state has also developed an educational system which is highly ranked for academic excellence. There are also a variety of schools and universities in the area, all offering quality education to children and adults alike.

Fort Wayne also has a great year-round weather. It experiences a lot of snow during the winter, but it is rarely cold. There are some places in the area that experience temperatures below zero. In addition, the winters in the area are mild enough to enjoy outdoor activities.

Fort Wayne, Indiana offers many things to do. You will not have a hard time finding something to do if you spend some time exploring all of the attractions of the area. Fort Wayne is close to Indianapolis, and is only about an hour from Chicago, New York, and Chicago. You are close to a variety of other large cities as well, including Chicago, Indianapolis, and Columbus. The Hoosier state is home to more than 20 hospitals and is home to a major steel production center.