Illinois - Area Code 312

Where is Area Code 312?

Area code (312) is in the state of Illinois

West Chicago, the second largest city in DuPage County, is located on the western edge of Chicago. It is located about eight miles from downtown. It is one of the youngest cities in the United States, with the first settlers arriving during the nineteenth century. It is an industrial center in Chicago and is a major center for the Chicago Teachers Union.


Village of West Chicago is located on the north side of Lake Michigan between Humboldt Park and Navy Pier. It is situated in central Illinois and has a population of more than thirty thousand people. The original population was twenty-four thousand at the 2020 census. It was formerly known as Junction and later Turner before its official title was established by its founder, John B Turner, president of the Union and Galena Railroad in 1855. He named it after the village he founded in Ireland.

Because of its close location to downtown, business and entertainment districts, it is often referred to as the City of Churches. West Chicago houses a number of churches, but one of the most prominent is the Second Baptist Church of Chicago. This church features stained glass windows, which are the work of internationally renowned artist Edward Cahan. Its exterior, which is lined with beautiful brick pavers, is designed to blend with the surrounding landscape.

This city was named for a village that was once located here. It was called the Settlement, a place where a number of Native American settlements were situated. Today, it is still home to Native Americans who live on a reservation. It is also known for having a population of Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Middle Eastern and other cultures.

As the city's development continues, new neighborhoods have been created along the northern edge of downtown. These communities contain upscale retail stores and restaurants, many of which can be seen in the popular West Town Historic District. There are also several affordable housing developments that are located in the south and southwest sections of West Chicago.

West Chicago is a great place to live. It has the rich history and charm of a historic Chicago neighborhood and the modern conveniences of modern living.

There are a number of parks located in West Chicago. It features a number of schools, and in addition to being a historical part of the city, it is also a great place for families to visit or to raise their children. There are many activities for kids in West Chicago and they enjoy the schools, shopping, and many of the different restaurants located in the area.

West Chicago has a population of about twelve and a half thousand people. It was a small town when settlers first settled here. As time passed, the population grew and today it is home to a large metropolitan area that contains a large portion of the city. of the city's downtown area.

Illinois is full of places to see, things to do, and places to live. There are numerous Chicago attractions in addition to West Chicago attractions and there are even places you can experience all of these in one trip.