Kansas - Area Code 316

Where is Area Code 316?

Area code (316) is in the state of Kansas

Kansas is located in central Kansas, in the state of Missouri, just above the Ozark Mountains. Kansas City is the state capital and Omaha is the capital of the state of Nebraska.


Wichita is a great adventure in the heart of Kansas' spectacular countryside. Discovery Place features hands on science exhibits, a virtual representation of 1950's Kansas and Old Cowtown Museum, which recreates rural Kansas in miniature. Old Cowtown museum features a Chinese dragon garden and ancient costumed guides to the place.

Botanica has a vast natural garden that will take you on a journey through Kansas. The Museum of Wild Art and Wild Life provides an unparalleled view of Kansas' wildlife. The Museum of the Wild Heart provides an experience of nature that will make you want to spend your next vacation in Kansas. The Nature Trail is located in Wichita and allows visitors to experience some of the many wildflower species that grow in Wichita. You may not even realize that there are wildflowers growing on the ground. When you see them, it will make you want to go visit the flower garden that is part of the Wild Heart.

Botanica also has two buildings known as the Wildflower Hall and the Wildflower Village. These buildings offer an extensive view of the plants that grow wild in the area. The Wildflower Village is the largest one of the two. The Wildflower Hall is the smaller one, but is just as beautiful.

Museums in Kansas City, including the Natural History Museum, are well worth a visit. Kansas City has several museums that feature animals and humans from around the world. The Children's Museum has special exhibits for children, including dinosaur videos, educational books, and even the first stage shows in Kansas City. The National Zoo in Kansas City is great for children, but the biggest draw is the Planetarium of the Americas which is like a huge planetarium.

A fun family trip to Kansas takes you on a journey from one destination to another. You can stop in at the National Air and Space Museum or the Science Museum Kansas City to learn about space and outer space. to experience the night skywatching.

There are many historic sites in Kansas City, including the old courthouse, the old National Arsenal and the World's Columbian Exposition Center. There are also the museums of the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

There are museums in Kansas that cover a wide range of subjects, and when visiting Kansas you will want to visit all of these sites. If you have not seen a museum in Kansas before, now would be a good time to do so.