Kentucky - Area Code 606

Where is Area Code 606?

Area code (606) is in the state of Kentucky

Ashland is an independent city in the county, Kentucky, in the state of Kentucky. Ashland is located on a southern bank of the Bluegrass River. The population was around 21,000 in the 2020 census. Ashland also has a lot of history. Ashland was named after the town of Ashville, which is located just thirty minutes east of Ashland and is one of the oldest towns in Kentucky.


Ashland was originally developed as a farming town. However, in recent years it has become more than a farming town. Ashville became a large town and now has the population of Ashville City. Ashville has a number of businesses to offer to residents. They include a major retail center and shopping complex, Ashville Mall. Ashville Mall is located at Ashville Village Road and Main Street. There are also several restaurants located in Ashville.

Ashville is home to some beautiful homes and a variety of businesses. The homes in Ashville include a number of different types of homes including single family homes, condominiums, apartments and mobile homes. Ashville is home to many different kinds of businesses. They include:

Ashville is also home to the University of Kentucky. Ashville is also home to a number of popular sporting events. Ashville is also home to many different kinds of entertainment venues. Ashville includes many places for people who love art and music to gather. The most popular music venues are:

Ashville is also home to a number of museums. Ashville has a number of historical places that a number of tourists visit. The Ashville Zoo is a good place for tourists to go to get a glimpse of animals and nature. The Ashville Botanical Gardens has a great deal of beautiful plants and flowers. The Ashville Art Museum is another popular tourist attraction. There is also the Ashville Music Garden, which is home to a number of musical events and concerts.

Ashville is home to a number of different kinds of hotels and inns. There are also a number of motels, bed and breakfasts, inns, restaurants, campgrounds and bed and other lodging places to stay in Ashville. Ashville has plenty of places for tourists to eat, drink and shop.

Ashville also offers a number of different kinds of lodging for overnight guests. The Ashville Inn is one of the top ranked accommodations in Ashville.

Ashville is home to a number of excellent beaches. Some of the popular beaches that tourists often visit are the Beachwood Pond, Surf City, Bayberry Cove, Pigeon Point, Beechwood Beach and Folly Beach. There is also a popular beach called the Bluegrass Beach which is near the city of Ashville.

Tourism is growing in Ashville each year. Ashville is home to a number of people who like to spend their vacations in a location that has a lot of natural beauty and has a number of activities for those who enjoy them.