Minnesota - Area Code 612

Where is Area Code 612?

Area code (612) is in the state of Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the great states in the nation. Minnesota is located in the North Central part of the U.S., where it borders Iowa and Nebraska. Minnesota is also the state capital, and is the third most populated state, with about 5.6 million residents. It is one of the Midwest's economic success stories, with plenty of opportunities for people to live and work in the area.


Minneapolis is the state capital and the second largest city in Minnesota. The largest population was 22,150 in the 2020 census. The largest city of Minneapolis is the fourth largest city in the United States, with about seven hundred and thirty-four thousand residents. Crystal is another popular Minnesota town. It is just east of Crystal Lake, on the eastern edge of Minnesota. The Twin Cities is located along the Minnesota River and is known for their large population of Minnesota residents, and the Twin Cities is part of the larger state of Minnesota.

Minnesota is a beautiful state. Most of the state is mountainous and consists of some of the most spectacular lakes and rivers in the entire country. The state is known for its winters and summers, with summer temperatures ranging from ninety to ten degrees. It is also known for it's mild winters, with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark.

The town of Crystal Lake is located right on the banks of the Minnesota River, where the water falls into Lake Michigan. Crystal Lake is just north of the Twin Cities and is considered one of the best fishing spots in Minnesota. The lake has been known for a long time and is located in Lake Calhoun, which is an important source of fish and for recreational fishing. Crystal Lake is surrounded by the forested areas of St. Croix and has a lot of land available for farming, and many homes that are built on the lake.

The two main cities in Minnesota are Minneapolis, and St. Paul. These cities are also situated near the Twin Cities. Most of the large cities and towns are located on the northern part of the state. The two cities are located close to the great lakes, with the exception of Crystal Lake. Calhoun, which is further south. Crystal Lake Calhoun is also very important because it is the site of a major shipping port.

Minnesota is a beautiful state, filled with scenic beauty and history. It has a lot to offer to those looking for a quiet place to live, work, play, and study. Minnesota is well worth a visit, whether it be for the beautiful landscape or its famous cities, and lakes.

Cities in Areacode 612

  • Crystal
  • Golden Valley
  • Minneapolis
  • Richfield
  • Saint Louis Park

Phone Prefixes in the 612 Areacode

6XX Areacode