Kansas - Area Code 620

Where is Area Code 620?

Area code (620) is in the state of Kansas

Kansas is the home state of Kansas University. Kansas is known to be one of the most progressive states in the United States. It was the home state of both President Abraham Lincoln and Vice President Abraham Lincoln. Today, it is known for the quality of its education and for its high level of business and cultural achievements. Kansas is also famous for its beautiful landscape that can be seen in all major cities.


In addition to the University, there are several other educational institutions in the state of Kansas: KU, University of Missouri Kansas City; LeTourneau University, Saint Louis; Northwest Kansas State College; Southern Kansas University; Southwest Kansas State University; Kansas State University. A large number of major corporations based in the state of Kansas include Boeing, Nike, Raytheon, Koch Industries, Caterpillar, AT&T, General Mills, Intel, AT&T, Verizon, and the Kansas City Chiefs among others. The state is also known for its political, industrial, financial and cultural importance. The state is a member of the Midwestern League of Cities (MLCC). Many of its cities include Wichita, Kansas City, Manhattan, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Shawnee,Wichita Falls, Independence,Topeka, Kansas City,Overland Park, Kansas City, Manhattan, Wichita, Lawrence, Kansas, Independence, Shawnee, and Topeka. As for attractions, there are a number of great places to visit in the state of Kansas, including the state capitol, the state fairgrounds and historic areas, various national parks, natural and historical landmarks, historic architecture, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, state parks, and golf courses. It is important to note that a visit to Kansas will leave you with an experience that will stay with you for a long time.

The city of Emporia is the second largest city in the state of Kansas. Its location is located along the Emporia River, about an hour north of Dodge City. It is also known as the "City of Churches". It is also the location of the oldest municipal court house in Kansas, which is known as the Emporia Municipal Court House and is an official seat of the Kansas City municipal court.

The City of Emporia is also known for its natural resources such as the Blue Marble, a semi-precious stone found on the surface of the earth. There is an abundance of blue-colored marble in the city. This natural resource provides a great backdrop to the city's natural beauty.

The City of Gardens City is located near the state capitol. This place is known for its scenic beauty, historic homes and beautiful homes. It is known for its parks. The parks of Gardens City are located along the banks of the Mississippi River, which is the main source of water supply. Some of the parks include the Garden City Wildlife Refuge, Garden City Park, and the Garden City Lake Park.

The area around Dodge City is also known for its historical significance. The areas around Dodge City are the home of several historical buildings that were constructed during the first two decades of Kansas' history. It is a popular tourist destination that is also a place that is considered to be historic by many people.