Northern Mariana Islands - Area Code 670

Where is Area Code 670?

Area code (670) is in the state of Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana Islands is among the largest of the Philippine islands. They are found in the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii. Saipan (52.5 square kilometers [132 square miles], Tinian (35 square kilometers), and Rota (30 square kilometers) is the main islands and, with Saipan, are inhabited by several thousand inhabitants. The other seven islands that make up the group are more or less self contained but are connected through air flights and other means.


The island's main geographical feature is the presence of an isthmus between the two main islands. The two main islands are separated by the Panatag Island chain to the south-east. The island chain is made of many smaller islands and is called the Northern Mariana Archipelago (or the Northern Mariana Islands for short).

The islands are divided into a number of groups, each with its own government, infrastructure, culture, and people. There are nine administrative districts on Saipan and a number of local municipalities, but the majority of the island remains uninhabited. Although all the islands are very small, many of them are well connected to mainland Saipan. However, there are three major airports on the island that connect it to the rest of the world.

The most populous island, Northern Mariana, is the most densely populated. It is surrounded by a vast expanse of water that provides the island with its freshwater supply. The Saipan Islands is divided into six different islands that are located north of the city of Saipan. These include, Tinian, Saipan, Alamigan, Agrihan, and Arrecife. Each island is home to different cultures and has its own unique history, tradition, cuisine, and climate.

Tinian is the island closest to the city of Saipan. The island is part of the Saipan National Park and consists of a series of smaller islands, all of which are close to each other. Tinian is also one of the most populated islands in the Northern Mariana Islands group. The island is mostly tropical and its primary agricultural area is the rice paddies and the rice fields that dot the landscape. The island also has a number of small beaches.

Tinian's climate is very dry and hot during the summer and very cold and humid in winter. There is very little rainfall and the island is not really subject to hurricanes or typhoons. Tinian is the home of some very unique natural attractions, such as the Kakegurubara Volcano and the island's largest waterfall. The island's largest volcano, Ulupusu, is situated near the north end of the island. Ulupusu was used as a volcanic observatory in ancient times and many archaeological ruins can be found on the island. Other natural attractions include the Kilauea Volcano and the island's largest national park, Waking Tree National Park.