Guam - Area Code 671

Where is Area Code 671?

Area code (671) is in the state of Guam

Agana Island is an uninhabited island on Guam. This island is part of Guam, a U.S. territory located south of Hagåtña. Agana is named after a local native and an indigenous tribe. Agana is one of the most beautiful and historic of all the islands on Guam. In this article we will take a look at Agana, one of the most beautiful islands in Guam and how Santa Claus came to visit there for the Christmas holidays.


Agana, as the name implies, is a village that has a large Christmas tree and it is the town where Santa Claus makes his house for Christmas Eve. In fact, it is a large town with around thirty thousand people living on it. It is also one of the most populated areas of Guam and the biggest town in Guam. It is also the largest town in United States, having around two hundred thousand people.

There are four main villages that have Christmas trees in their own and they are Agana, Hagabon, Hualalai, and Tingitay. The Santa Claus is actually a small town located close to each of these villages. There are some villages close to the Santa Claus' house but there are no houses near to the Santa Claus' house.

On December 7th, Agana has its traditional Christmas Eve gathering. This gathering is made up of families and friends who celebrate this holiday. In fact, many families in Guam have made this gathering a family tradition and some of them have even gone so far as to have the entire island to gather to celebrate Christmas.

The most famous house on Guam during Christmas is the Santa Claus' house, which was built on Agana' main road. This house is built in a beautiful valley that overlooks Hagabon bay. It stands on a white rock and is surrounded by trees. The tree is so very beautiful that tourists from all over the world flock to the area to see it.

As you can see, Guam is a beautiful place that celebrates Christmas with the traditional village and Santa Claus. Agana is the only village that does not have a big Christmas tree in its main street.

On December 6th, there is an afternoon and evening party at the Santa Claus house and this is what the tourists of Guam are usually attracted to during Christmas. It is not just Santa Claus, there are Santa's helper dogs which are called Huananese and they are very friendly and they love to help you.

In fact, during Christmas, Hagabon bay will become full of people and they will be enjoying their day to day lives as well as drinking and partying. There are many churches and some old houses of the local culture in Hagabon bay that are open during Christmas. so this is a time when the locals are not busy celebrating their Christmas.

This is the best time for families to visit Guam for Christmas. Agana is a great place for a family trip and one that is full of fun and excitement for everyone.