Alabama - Area Code 251

Where is Area Code 251?

Area code (251) is in the state of Alabama

Prichard is an affluent town in Mobile County, Alabama. It is named after Dr. William Richard Prichard. Dr. Prichard was a pioneer physician who founded a hospital that was later called Prichard Medical Center. In the 1960s he decided to open a small medical practice in Prichard.


The main street is Highway 192. The hospital has a historic landmark building known as the Old Towne Church. The Prichard have three other large churches. All of them were originally built during Prichard early history.

Prichard's population is composed mainly of the descendants of the early settlers. Prichard have been known to have some of the best schools in the state. They also have very good health care. Prichard public schools are very high quality. The schools are located in different parts of the town. The first public school was a tent school which became the Mobile County Central School. The Mobile County courthouse was originally located here.

The Prichard have a very attractive downtown. The area is mostly residential. It is home to a variety of people from all over Alabama. Many people in the area have a lot of money and they have lots of land in Prichard, making it an ideal place for home builders.

The Prichard is located on the Gulf of Mexico side. This makes it a very popular place for tourists and business visitors. People from all over Alabama come to Prichard. Mobile residents will tell you that this town is their home away from home. They love this location because they are closer to the beach and the Gulf than any other part of Alabama.

Mobile is a busy place and there are many places to do for vacationers. The town of Prichard has great shopping. The shopping centers offer everything from local clothing to fine jewelry to fine dining.

There are many different entertainment centers in Mobile. The downtown area has many clubs and bars. The Prichard is a popular location for bars and nightclubs. You can even go to Prichard on a date night. The club is a popular hang out for people of all ages.

Mobile has been home to many celebrities. It is also known for its fine restaurants. The restaurants in Prichard are usually family friendly. It is the home of the Prichard Restaurant chain which is responsible for a number of fine restaurants across the United States.

Prichard is not only a nice place to live, but it is a great place to raise a family. Prichard is a great place to be and raise a family.