Alabama - Area Code 256

Where is Area Code 256?

Area code (256) is in the state of Alabama

North Alabama is an area of the state of Alabama, typically defined as encompassing 16 counties: Baldwin, Blount, Cheatham, Clarke, Cobb, Columbia, Greene, Lumpkin, Macon, Marengo, Montgomery, Putnam, Rhea, Sequatchie, Taliaferro, Tuscaloosa, and Wakulla. It's home to more than three hundred thousand people, and a number of major corporations, including Alcoa, AT&T, Boeing, and United Technologies. Most of its communities are located along the coast, but there are a few in the far south.


Alabama is also divided into two sections, based on their geographical location - the southern section of the state including Anniston and Decatur, and the northern portion including Baldwin, Cullman, Clarke, Jefferson, Morgan and Perry, with some counties in between. The northern section is also known as the "Deep South," due to a large number of southern counties which are part of it, such as: Anderson, Bibb, Baldwin, Blount, Clarke, Coffee, Dade, Duval, Escambia, Franklin, Fulton, Gallatin, Hendry, Hillsborough, Jackson, Jasper, Laurens, Lee, Macon, Montgomery, Morehead City, Orangeburg, Pickens, Shelby, Union, Wakulla, Walton and Wilson Counties. The southern section is also often referred to as the "Bubba" because of its "orange juice" taste, because of a famous Alabama ad campaign that featured a person from Anniston who had been "purified."

Anniston is one of the oldest towns in Alabama, built in 1886. As a town, it still maintains a lot of historical significance, as well as being home to many families and organizations. Some of the notable organizations located in Anniston include: the Anniston Baptist Church, the Anniston Community College, the Anniston School District, the Anniston Fire Company, and the Anniston Youth Program.

Anniston is also the home of the world famous Baldwin County Fair, which is a very popular tourist attraction and attracts thousands of people every year. The fair is held in late June and includes exhibits such as a rodeo, a circus, a rodeo clown, a flea market, and a rodeo arena. Other attractions may include a giant slide, a hot air balloon ride, the Baldwin Brothers Water Slide, a slide show at the county park, a water park, and more.

Another reason for Anniston's history and popularity is the fact that it has a lot of history. Many historic buildings and sites, such as the Old Bailey House, the courthouse, Old Blount courthouse, Anniston's first black mayor, the courthouse, the old Anniston City Hall, Anniston's first fire station, the Tuscaloosa River Bridge, the Anniston High School, and the Baldwin County Courthouse are located throughout the city. There is also a museum that showcases many local historic artifacts.

There are also a wide variety of shopping options, including the Anniston Coliseum, which features a roller coaster, an arcade, a shopping center, and lots of indoor and outdoor activities. In addition to these attractions, the town also has a wide variety of entertainment options that make this a good place to go on a date or a night out.