Michigan - Area Code 269

Where is Area Code 269?

Area code (269) is in the state of Michigan

The Kalamazoo region of Michigan is home to many cities, towns and villages. Kalamazoo/Kalamazoo International Airport is an established county-owned airport located about three miles east of Kalamazoo, on Kalamazoo County's western border. The airport is situated approximately twenty-five miles from the city of Battle Creek, located about seven miles southwest of Lansing.


There are public transportation systems available in this area. Kalamazoo Public Schools offers many different types of educational opportunities for students and their families. Kalamazoo Public Schools also has an excellent after school program and a number of after school programs that are focused on promoting the development of a student's academic abilities and social and emotional skills.

The Kalahzoo River is a popular destination for boaters and fisherman. Kalahzoo State Park is also located in this area and is home to a large number of wildlife and various plants and animals. A number of marinas are located along this river.

Battle Creek is located in Kalahzoo County. It is a great community and home to many residents.

Portage is a town in Kalahzoo County that is approximately eight miles north of Battle Creek and three miles south of Kalahzoo City. Portage is home to many people, businesses and institutions.

Kalahzoo County is a great place to live in, work in, and visit. There are a number of things to do and places to see. Kalahzoo is located in the heart of Michigan.

There are a number of excellent school systems, as well as colleges and universities. There are a number of businesses and companies that provide local services.

There are a number of excellent recreation opportunities within walking distance of the Kalahzoo region. Kalahzoo Golf Resort and Spa is a golf resort in Kalahzoo, Michigan. There are many different golf courses, and more than one million acres of golf course land.

Kalahzoo is a wonderful place to raise children. There are a number of homes available for sale and for young families. The Kalahzoo Zoo is also a great tourist attraction.

Kalahzoo is a unique and beautiful place to live, work, and play. The Kalahzoo region of Michigan is a great place to be.

Kalahzoo County is located on the banks of Lake Michigan. It is one of the most populated areas in the state and one of the most visited.

Kalahzoo is located in Michigan's Finger Lakes region and is known for its natural beauty and history. There are a variety of historic and cultural attractions that can be visited by residents of Kalahzoo.

Kalahzoo is known for its unique culture, heritage and history. There are a number of different neighborhoods and towns located in Kalahzoo County, and each of these communities has a unique history and a unique future. Each of the neighborhoods have unique characteristics that make each one unique.