Minnesota - Area Code 218

Where is Area Code 218?

Area code (218) is in the state of Minnesota

Minnesota is an eastern U.S. Midwest state bordered by the Canadian border and Lake Michigan, the second largest of the Great Lakes region. The state has more than ten thousand other rivers, including the Mississippi River, its main source. The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul is rich with historic sights, such as the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Minnesota State Capitol and the Walker Art Center.


Minneapolis is a popular attraction, as well as a gateway to several other regions. Minnesota's Twin Cities metropolitan area includes St. Louis Park, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Maple City, Mankato, and Minnetonka. The state's largest city, Minneapolis, is the fastest growing city in Minnesota, housing millions of people.

In the state's metropolitan area, there are six universities. Some of the colleges, such as the University of Minnesota, offer online courses, while others, such as the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, are not only offered on campus. The Minnesota State University System, which includes the University of Minnesota, offers bachelor degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees. Other areas include the Minnesota Technical Colleges, the University of Minnesota, and Minnesota State Colleges.

Many areas of Minnesota have beautiful lakes and rivers. For example, Lake Calhoun is home to the Mississippi's largest delta, while the Minnesota River flows through the heart of the state. Minnesota's largest city, Minneapolis, sits on Lake Calhoun, where there is also a beautiful downtown lake district.

Minnesota is known for its natural beauty, such as the state's wide-open spaces and abundant wildlife, including migrating birds, deer, moose, fish, and even elk. There are also a number of state parks that are perfect for outdoor lovers.

Minnesota has a rich history, being home to many Vikings, Red Wings, Wildfires, Indians, Red Men, and Peguis. Minnesota's rich agricultural heritage includes the growth of Minnesota's grain-rich wheat and corn.

Minnesota is an attractive place to live, especially with the beautiful weather. Minnesota is the second warmest state, behind California, in the U.S. The weather is so mild that it is considered the "Arctic State." When it does get really cold, there are plenty of ski resorts and snowy destinations in the northern part of the state.

Minnesota is home to a variety of industries. This includes dairy farms and large corporations such as Target Corporation and General Mills. There are also a large number of churches. Some of the largest and most popular are the Minneapolis Cathedral, St. Peter, and Paul, and St. Catherine. Catherine of Siena.

In the end, Minnesota is a great place to live. People who live in Minnesota come to live in the beautiful state to work, raise families, and enjoy the bounties of nature. It is an attractive state for anyone who wants to experience a beautiful climate, a pleasant climate, and the diversity of its residents.