Texas - Area Code 325

Where is Area Code 325?

Area code (325) is in the state of Texas

The top city in between Abilene and San Angelo, Texas to visit is Fort Chadbourne Texas which is only about 4 miles away from the middle point. The nearest zip code to the middle point is 75658. You can reach the middle point of Fort Chadbourne by taking Interstates 35 and 75. If you are looking for a little more adventure, take the scenic route by using the Fort Bliss River Road.


If you are looking for the highest peak in the country, then San Antonio, Texas might be the place for you. There are several trails in this area that will offer you a challenging hike. The top of the mountain is also known as Mount Zavala which is located at about thirty-seven and one half thousand feet above sea level. Once you reach this high altitude, you will find that your muscles begin to burn and your heart rate increases dramatically.

If you enjoy the desert and want to enjoy a day of relaxation, San Antonio, Texas has plenty to offer. The weather is warm and dry throughout the year, and the desert is home to beautiful wildlife.

The top attractions in this area include The Alamo Drafthouse, Texas Star Museum, San Antonio Zoo and Children's Zoo among others. The children are always having a blast in the zoo and are sure to enjoy the fun filled exhibits.

One of the top attractions in San Antonio is the San Antonio Zoo. You can go on tours of the zoo with your family and take part in interactive activities such as clown shows. The zoo offers different kinds of exhibits and fun activities for children of all ages. They even offer special tours that allow families to tour all five species of the Alamo Drafthouse.

Texas is a big state with lots of things to do. So do not worry if you have never been before. Take some time and explore the great attractions in Texas and get ready to enjoy a great vacation!

One thing that you should know about Texas is that it is the home of some of the best barbecue in the country. When you stop by any of the great places in the state, you will be able to sample some great tasting barbecue. You can go to Brisket Junction, where you can sample mouth watering barbecue that is made from all different types of meats. You will also find Texas State Fair in Dallas, which has great entertainment for everyone and even for kids.

Brisket Junction is also home to the world famous State Fair and is known for its delicious food. If you are in Dallas, you will be able to visit The Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, which will have a wonderful collection of classic paintings.

You cannot pass up on being in Texas when you are in the area. There are so many great things to do and see and there are plenty of great places to experience. When you plan your vacation in Texas, you need to make sure to visit all of the fun things in the state.