Florida - Area Code 352

Where is Area Code 352?

Area code (352) is in the state of Florida

Ocala, formally the City of Ocala, is a small town in Broward County, Florida. As of the 2020 US Census, the population of this city was 36,852, mostly because of incorporation of South Andrews Gardens in the late 1980's.


The main business in Ocala is Oakwood Mall which is located in the south of downtown Ocala and is just one of the many shopping malls on Oakland Park Drive. The mall is divided into two sections: South Bay Mall and South Central Mall. The South Bay Mall features a variety of restaurants, shops, and even some movie theaters. The South Central Mall, on the other hand, is home to the largest assortment of shops of any kind in Ocala.

Ocala also has the Ocala Coliseum, a huge indoor sports arena that was built by the Ocala Coliseum Company in 1930. The stadium features an indoor batting cage, tennis courts, and a football field. It also has the world famous "Ocala Coliseum Swing" that is played when the Ocala Coliseum crowd is on its feet. This gives the audience a wonderful view of Ocala and its surrounding area.

Ocala also has some fantastic golf courses, including the Brickell Golf Club, which is an 18-hole course designed for professionals and amateurs alike. It was originally built in 1920 and is located on the banks of Lake Okeechobee, so it is only open to the public for a few hours a year during the summer. It features eighteen holes of golf, but because of its unique location and beautiful scenery, it can be a great place for a relaxing day at the beach.

If you are looking to do more than just visit one or two major cities, Ocala is the ideal destination. There are many other things to do, from golfing, fishing, horseback riding, to shopping.

Ocala offers something for everyone. So whether you are looking to go for an intimate evening with your loved one, or want to spend the night out at the beach, Ocala is sure to have what you need!

One of the best ways to get around Ocala is to use Florida Travel Agencies. They are able to offer information on how to get around the city, as well as advice on booking a hotel or vacation rental. Florida Travel Agencies offer packages to help you plan your trip, whether you are going by car, plane, bus, or train. Whether you are flying into Ocala from any of the major cities, or driving down from another part of Florida, you will find that they will provide you with all the necessary information.

The Ocala Gardens area of Ocala is well known for its beautiful gardens, and beautiful scenery, but you will also find a number of restaurants that can satisfy your taste for fine dining. You can dine at one of the many restaurants or enjoy a picnic in one of the parks that are located in the area.

Whether you are visiting Ocala for business or pleasure, you will be happy to know that there is plenty to keep you entertained. You can take your family out for a lazy afternoon, or take a hike through the beautiful landscape of Ocala. Whatever you want to do, you will be able to do it in Ocala.