Missouri - Area Code 417

Where is Area Code 417?

Area code (417) is in the state of Missouri

Missouri is a state in the Midwestern U.S. With nearly six thousand residents, it's the tenth-largest state in the union. The largest metropolitan areas are Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield; Springfield is the state capital. The state's largest city is Columbia. The state is the nineteenth-largest in size.


Because the state has such a large metropolitan areas, residents often commute for long distances to their jobs and other locations. Many residents live in rural areas or outlying areas, but others are spread out over a large portion of the state. These suburban residents will spend time commuting from home to work and back home. As these residents work, they will need a reliable means to get to work and back home.

In the last few decades, there has been an increase in public transportation in Missouri. A number of bus systems and rail systems have been established as a way to help residents reach their destinations and avoid traffic on major thoroughfares. One of the best ways to get to work, school, shopping and other important destinations is by car. However, many people prefer to use a public transportation system because they can travel through a system in a more convenient fashion. People who do not own cars may be able to take buses, taxis or RVs that may be available in their local area.

Over the last several decades, car ownership in Missouri has decreased. The overall population of the state has remained largely stable, while the growth of cities has continued. As cities grow, the number of car drivers also increases, meaning there are fewer parking spaces available to motorists who do not own a vehicle.

Missouri's state government offers a variety of services that serve to make life easier for residents and visitors. There are state parks and other areas that are ideal for spending a relaxing afternoon with your family. Missouri's state capital and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of activities for residents. Missouri's state university offers a wide array of courses and educational options that will allow residents to earn a degree and get a job after college.

Missouri's large metropolitan areas offer plenty of things to do, but there are plenty of smaller towns, as well. Many rural residents find living in the heartland a perfect place to raise a family.

The amount of travel times from the urban area to the rural areas and vice versa are usually shorter than for travel times in most cities. The lack of congestion and lower cost of gasoline are also major reasons that people choose to live in Missouri. Missouri is very similar to the rest of the United States in terms of weather, crime rates and other factors that affect people's ability to find work and other services.

Various neighborhoods in the metro areas are diverse, which provides residents with plenty of options. There are plenty of opportunities to make new friends and learn about the culture and history of each area. There are many neighborhoods where people can enjoy great schools and other amenities, including shopping centers. Most of the communities have a number of recreational facilities and a variety of stores that are open year round.