Montana - Area Code 406

Where is Area Code 406?

Area code (406) is in the state of Montana

When it comes to Montana, there are many things to keep in mind and many opinions of what Montana means to a person. From here to there are many people that make their own list of things they believe defines Montana, from being a popular place to live, to the most beautiful place on earth, to an excellent skiing region, to being the state of mind, and so on.


Montana's geography is quite a bit different than that of Butte. The landscape is much more forested with a small amount of undeveloped land in between the forests. Being able to identify where you are from is probably the ultimate indicator of Montana road cred, particularly in areas of the state where the popularity of the scenic landscape industry has stocked the populace with outsiders and, sometimes, out of state money.

Montana is also a smaller state, about the size of Texas, with a population of only three million. A small population size makes it a fairly safe bet that if you were to randomly drive through Montana, you would only see one or two people. That being said, this doesn't mean that Montana is a boring place to visit or that Montana isn't worth visiting, only that it isn't as famous as many of the places listed above.

Billings is often considered to be Montana's smallest city, though it is actually the third largest in terms of population. It is located in the northern part of the state and is known for its vast open plains and for being one of only two cities that is completely surrounded by large mountains. The population here is much more diverse, including Native Americans and German, who were once the main residents of the area, with a very little European influence to the area.

Montana is actually not a very large city itself, but Billings is a very significant part of it and is the home of Billings County, which is the third largest in the entire state. There are other counties in the area, but Billings County has been the seat of government since 1883 and still holds that position today. Billings is considered a relatively rural area and is known for being the county seat for a lot of rural areas. The majority of Billings County is made up of farms, though some areas are considered urban because of the development of a ski resort town that sits on top of a hilltop.

There is a strong connection between Billings and Bozeman, which is the home to one of Bozeman's major cities, although there is a strong connection between the two towns too. Billings was an important railroad depot that had connections to the rest of the world, though the towns were only linked through a few points of land in the country when the railroad existed.