Arizona - Area Code 480

Where is Area Code 480?

Area code (480) is in the state of Arizona

Arizona, a southern U.S. state, known primarily for the Grand Canyon and the National Park System, is also well known as a state of high culture. Flagstaff, an ochre-colored mountain town, is the state capitol. Other cultural attractions in Arizona include the state museum, Saguaro National Park and Tucson, home to University of Arizona campus. In addition to high culture, Arizona has an abundance of activities, from golf to scuba diving.


While Arizona has a large variety of lodging, vacation packages are the most popular way to travel there. Vacation packages can be purchased from many hotels, inns, motels and cottages, or from travel agencies such as those operated by World Travel and Tourism. A variety of Arizona vacation packages can also be purchased from the web. There are also a large variety of websites that specialize in providing Arizona vacation packages and vacation tips.

When planning your Arizona vacation, you'll want to consider visiting different attractions in the state. The two most popular places in the state for tourists to visit are the Grand Canyon and the Tusayan National Park. Other popular attractions include the San Carlos Mountains and the Yuma Desert National Park. Each place has its own unique attraction, and each is well worth a stop.

The National Parks in Arizona is divided into five areas, each with its own set of attractions. Sedona Mountain, located in Yuma, is one of the most popular places to visit, as it provides visitors with breathtaking views and opportunities to hike, bike, or take a hiking or bird watching tour. The Painted Desert National Monument is located in Phoenix, and visitors will find the Painted Desert State Park here, which provides opportunities for fishing and hunting, among other activities.

While scuba diving in Arizona is illegal without a license, some areas offer scuba diving courses for individuals who would like to experience this activity without the hassle of licensing. There is also an active association of dive shops in Arizona, and dive masters, including a qualified instructor, offer lessons and information on how to dive in Arizona. For those seeking adventure scuba diving, there is an Arizona State Aquarium located in the town of Scottsdale.

One of the most popular Arizona vacation packages is an all-inclusive package, consisting of the accommodation and travel as well as the resort accommodations, and sometimes includes a fishing and boating package. For those traveling on a budget, some people choose to stay in cabins in the wilderness, while others choose to stay in hotels and resorts that have their own private pools and restaurants. A family vacation or romantic getaway with friends and loved ones can be found with a traditional hotel room or a luxury hotel with pool. Arizona vacation packages include everything you need to enjoy your stay in Arizona. These packages are often quite economical and allow the traveler to enjoy all the activities of Arizona without breaking the bank.

Cities in Areacode 480

  • Apache Junction
  • Chandler
  • Fountain Hills
  • Gilbert
  • Mesa
  • Scottsdale
  • Tempe

Phone Prefixes in the 480 Areacode

4XX Areacode