Louisiana - Area Code 504

Where is Area Code 504?

Area code (504) is in the state of Louisiana

As the fastest growing state in America, Louisiana is a great place for those that love a challenge. If you live in Louisiana, you know there is more to do in this wonderful state than there is time to cover in one's lifetime. There are many great attractions that can make your trip even more exciting. Here you will find everything you need to get a first time Louisiana driver's license.


Documents needed to get a new license: To get a new license from the Louisiana Department of Transportation you must first take a written test. Your test will determine whether or not you are eligible to receive a license. You must also be at least 18 years old to apply for your license and to pass the test.

You are going to have a hard time finding out if you qualify for the test unless you contact the Louisiana Department of Transportation. However, in order to get approved you must pass the written portion. Once you have passed this part, you must then sit down with an official in the department to apply for your license.

Driving Experience: In order to get licensed to drive a car in Louisiana you must first have been driving for at least three years and you must also have taken a drivers' education course. This course will include classroom and driving instruction, and you will learn everything you need to know about driving safely. Passing this part of the test gives the state a chance to make sure that you are qualified to drive a car.

Another requirement is passing a practical test in which you will be given driving lessons in a real world situation. This practical class gives you the knowledge necessary to properly drive a car on the road and it is mandatory to complete the class before you get your license to drive in Louisiana. Passing this test also allows the state to keep track of how much time you spend in a car each year.

Louisiana has a number of new drivers that are ready to have fun in the sun while they travel and explore the great things that the state has to offer. Visit the website below to learn more about these exciting places and more about how to get a great driving experience in Louisiana.

Driving Lessons - Louisiana residents that wish to begin learning how to drive should take a driving class. Many drivers that come to the website below are happy to show their license to get the required driving lesson.

There are many different places in the state where you can get information on how to drive safely. The state provides a website to help you locate these places. You will have a great driving experience and meet some wonderful people that are willing to teach you the basics of driving.

Cities in Areacode 504

  • Chalmette
  • Harvey
  • Kenner
  • Marrero
  • Metairie
  • New Orleans
  • Terrytown

Phone Prefixes in the 504 Areacode

5XX Areacode