Ohio - Area Code 513

Where is Area Code 513?

Area code (513) is in the state of Ohio

The City of Hamilton is a well-known suburban area located in Hamilton and Butler counties of the U.S state of Ohio. Hamilton is located about thirty miles south of Cincinnati and is located on the west bank of the Ohio River.


The population of Hamilton was approximately 42,500 at the 2020 Census. The largest concentrations of this city are in Hamilton and Butler counties, which make it a highly populated area in terms of the population that lives within its boundaries. Hamilton, Ohio is considered to be one of the most livable places in Ohio by most people that live in it.

Among the most well-known areas in Hamilton are Downtown, West End, and Olde Town. These are all historical areas with all sorts of things to do and places to see. Some of these areas have historic attractions that provide tours and information for tourists to take home and use while they are in Hamilton. While most of Hamilton is within walking distance of downtown, some parts of the city are off in rural areas.

Another area that is not only popular among tourists but is also highly sought after by residents and businesses in Hamilton is Fairfield. Fairfield is about fifteen minutes from downtown Hamilton and ten minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Fairfield was originally a small town on Lake Erie and was created by settlers after the original settlers moved inland. Fairfield became Hamilton's third largest town in the last census. It is one of the oldest cities in Ohio, which can be seen on a map. It is also a very popular tourist attraction in Hamilton, Ohio.

Fairfield has a lot to offer residents of Hamilton. It offers a great shopping area, parks, and playgrounds. It is also home to the Fairfield Country Club, a golf course, a water park, and even the University of Fairfield. There is also a small airport that is located nearby that allows local businesses to conduct business from flights that travel between Hamilton and Cincinnati. If there is a trip that you cannot wait until the last minute to make, you will want to go to Fairfield.

Hamilton County has some beautiful neighborhoods in its downtown area. All of these neighborhoods have plenty to do for the residents, whether it is shopping or nightlife. Whether you want to stay in Hamilton or go to a different city, you will have many great opportunities to do so in Hamilton County.

Cities in Areacode 513

  • Cincinnati
  • Fairfield
  • Hamilton
  • Mason
  • Middletown
  • Norwood
  • Oxford

Phone Prefixes in the 513 Areacode

5XX Areacode