Iowa - Area Code 563

Where is Area Code 563?

Area code (563) is in the state of Iowa

Bettendorf is an important town in Scott County, Iowa. It's the second largest town of Scott County and the fifth largest town in the Quad Cities. It's part of the Quad Cities Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population is approximately 60,000.


This town has many great attractions. It's home to the University of Northern Iowa. It's known for its excellent school system, and the annual Great Iowa State Fair.

Another great attraction in this town is the Bettendorf Art Museum. It's one of the few art museums in Iowa that is actually on a farm. You can see works from local artists like Ben Koons, Bill Blaine, and Steve Geller.

It's also one of only two cities to be named after an American First Lady, Betsey Clinton. She served as First Lady to former President Harry Truman. She was instrumental in helping the first family to start their own business in Iowa. Her husband became one of America's most popular and successful Presidents.

The town of Bettendorf is home to a lot of farms. It's one of the smaller places in Iowa to farm. It's also home to the University of Northern Iowa.

Browsing around the pages of a book on Iowa history will tell you that Bettendorf and its surrounding towns were founded by William Buckson. William Buckson served as a minister in the church of New England. The Church of New England is a historical site today.

Betsey Clinton served in the U.S. Senate for four years and served as First Lady to President Harry Truman. She was responsible for helping the first family to establish a farm in Iowa. Betsey was a pioneer in the area of education.

It was Betsey Clinton who helped the First Couple found the college at Iowa State University in Iowa City. In fact, she was instrumental in starting the first college in Iowa in 1883. Today, the college serves the whole state of Iowa.

You'll find Betsey Clinton in the National Women's Hall of Fame. She's been awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She is one of the most distinguished women in our nation's history.

If you plan on moving to the city, it's important that you do some research about how to get there. The town is located in a rural area, so getting a house can be difficult. Most homes here are fairly large. This makes living in Bettendorf a little more difficult than living in other areas of Iowa.