Mississippi - Area Code 601

Where is Area Code 601?

Area code (601) is in the state of Mississippi

The State of Mississippi is not just an ace at spelling bee! This beautiful southern state has a rich and colorful past that will make your head spin. From the Gulf of Mexico, to being a historic home to the Mississippi River delta, there's so much history, culture and tradition etched into this beautiful southern state; the Mississippi River delta area is known as the birthplace of jazz music.


For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past ten years, the Mississippi delta is located where the Mississippi River empties into the Gulf of Mexico. Many historical sites and monuments can be found along this delta and some of them are as amazing as they are historic! Some of these historic sites include the "Big House" (the site where President Johnson delivered his first State of the Union Address), the "Old Man's Cabin," the "Tuscarawas Caves," "Mississippi River Raft," "Rogersville," "Pilgrim's Progress," "Granite City," and "the Big House." Of course, if you're an aficionado of all things historic, then you've probably visited these areas in some form before.

While you may not be able to visit all of the historical areas in one sitting, taking a trip through these historic areas one at a time is a great way to see them all. Each of these places will leave you feeling like you've truly traveled back in time and taken part in the "real" history of this region. Take your time, get to know the area's history and see all that history for yourself! After you've taken the time to tour all of these important historical landmarks, you'll feel like you've truly been transported back in time to a time when life was simpler and less complicated.

Perhaps, one of the most popular and well known of these historical sites is the "Big House." Sitting in the middle of the Mississippi delta, this grand plantation home is a museum unto itself! Built around 1800 by the Perkins family as a home for the plantation manager, the home features over three hundred artifacts of the era and is known as a true example of antebellum style architecture. If you're looking for a truly authentic experience in history that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, then you should definitely go to this house for an afternoon tour.

Speaking of antebellum architecture, the "Rogersville" historic monuments are also very popular and well-known, especially because of the fact that they are located on the site of one of the largest slave trading centers in the nation! In fact, these historic monuments were built to honor the African American community and are actually the site of an actual slave auction. In addition to these monuments, you'll find other fascinating historical places like "Mississippi Delta Railroad Heritage Center," "Union Station," "Slavery Museum," "Old Fort Jackson"Pilgrim's Progress" amongst others. These historic sites will keep you entertained for hours, if not days. If you want a more hands-on type of experience, then consider renting a boat and paddle along the Mississippi River and take in the sights and sounds of this beautiful, historic area. Whether you're a history buff or just enjoy visiting historical sites, there are plenty of places to visit while you're on vacation in the Gulf of Mexico.

While you're in the Mississippi delta, don't forget to stop by the famous "Old Man's Cabin" for a unique "booze and bling" cruise on the river! If you have no experience boating but you're willing to learn, you could probably do it on your own. Just remember to bring a fishing pole and a fishing vest!

Cities in Areacode 601

  • Clinton
  • West Hattiesburg
  • Jackson
  • Meridian
  • Pearl
  • Ridgeland
  • Vicksburg

Phone Prefixes in the 601 Areacode

6XX Areacode