Pennsylvania - Area Code 717

Where is Area Code 717?

Area code (717) is in the state of Pennsylvania

When it comes to Pennsylvania real estate, this Midwestern state is known for its rich history of colonial times. Known as a center of industry, the state boasts several major cities including Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Bethlehem, Reading, York, and Lancaster. South Central Pennsylvania includes the fourteen central counties of Berks, Columbia, Erie, Fayette, Hancock, Lackawanna, Lycoming, Montgomery, Pittsburgh, York, Union, and Wyoming.


These cities and their related suburbs make up a state that is home to one of America's biggest concentrations of business and other industries. If you're looking to invest in real estate in a state such as Pennsylvania, here are some great cities to consider:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of the oldest cities in America. It was founded in 1690 on the site of what was once a Dutch shipyard. Today, Philadelphia has been transformed into a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers, museums, monuments, parks, and other public buildings. There are also many hotels, shopping centers, and condominiums to choose from.

Phoenix, Arizona is a booming city and a popular tourist destination. The city was founded in 1890 by a German-American man who was an engineer for several corporations in America. Today, there are a number of historical sites and museums within the city. There are also a number of popular restaurants, art galleries, museums, and other entertainment opportunities.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania boasts a rich history, especially in the early years. There are a number of interesting stories and legends surrounding the area. Lancaster is home to many historic landmarks including St. John's Roman Catholic Church, which was the first church in Lancaster. There are also a number of National Historic Landmarks in the city, including the Johnstown Post Office building, First Baptist Church of Lancaster, and the historic Lancaster County Courthouse.

Different types of homes can be found in many of these communities. However, the most popular in the area may be those in the urban area. In Lancaster, there are also several single family homes to choose from, as well as apartments, townhouses, condominiums, and more. Those looking to invest in real estate in the Philadelphia and the surrounding areas may want to look into purchasing in either a high rise apartment or a high-rise condominium.

Investing in real estate in Pennsylvania has been a lucrative decision for a lot of people. The best cities for real estate investments in the state include Lancaster County and Philadelphia. For people looking to purchase real estate in this area, there are plenty of neighborhoods available. If you're looking for a large enough piece of property for investment purposes, there are even some townhouses that have multiple floors. to choose from in these areas.

If you are interested in investing in real estate in Pennsylvania, you may want to look into various aspects of real estate investing. There are plenty of different types of properties to choose from, and you may even be able to purchase land in this state. There are a lot of real estate professionals that are available to help you in finding the right home for your needs and interests.