Iowa - Area Code 712

Where is Area Code 712?

Area code (712) is in the state of Iowa

The top cities between Sioux Falls, SD and Council Bluffs, SD to visit for vacation are Sioux Falls, SD, which is on the north bank of the Great Sioux River, and Blencoe, SD which are about three miles from that mid-point. The nearest zip code to Council Bluffs, SD is 51515. The latitude and longitude addresses for the mid-point are 41.7 deg latitude, -93.3-deg longitude. Those are just some of the things you will find in Sioux Falls, SD while in Council Bluffs, SD.


Some of the attractions that you may want to visit are the Great Rivers and the Oquirrh Mountain, the Cedar Valley, or even the Black Hills. If you do not like to be out in the elements, then you may want to visit one of the areas in the southern and northern parts of the state which can provide an enjoyable experience with a bit of snow to keep your feet warm. Or, if you do not mind the cold weather, you may want to visit the states which have a large amount of snow for the winter season, such as Minnesota and Wisconsin.

If you are looking for a place to stay, there are many accommodations in IOWA which will make it easy for you to find a good place to stay during your vacation. Sioux Falls, SD has many places to stay in and around the city. One of the hotels is the Cedar Hills Hotel and Conference Center. This is one of the most popular Sioux Falls hotels and is just a short drive from the downtown area. The other Sioux Falls hotels include the Hilton Sioux Falls and the Hilton Council Bluffs.

While in Sioux Falls, there are many things to see and do in Sioux Falls. Some of the major attractions in this area include the Sioux Falls Botanical Garden, the Sioux Falls Museum and the Sioux Falls Sculpture Garden. If you want to do some hiking, then you should check out the Sioux Falls Mountain Trail or the North Loop Trail.

You should also consider visiting the Sioux Falls Zoo and the Dakota State Capitol Building while in Sioux Falls. The National Memorial Museum is also an excellent option as well as being the Native American Cultural Center and the Sioux Falls Art Gallery. You can also take in some of the exhibits at the Museum of American Indian Arts.

Sioux City is home to the Iowa Film and Television Center. The Cedar Falls Museum is also located in Sioux City. Both of these places have exhibits that will allow you to learn more about the history of Sioux Falls.