Pennsylvania - Area Code 724

Where is Area Code 724?

Area code (724) is in the state of Pennsylvania

Plum, a small borough in Allegheny county in the state of Pennsylvania is known for many things. It is a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, a city in what is considered to be the southern part of the city of Philadelphia, in what is known as the East Hills neighborhoods. The population is around 27,000 at the last census. Plum is known as " Plum Boro"Plum Borough," by locals for obvious reasons. It has a high concentration of older homes in its surrounding areas.


One of the main attractions for people looking for a new home in Pennsylvania is the Plum County Courthouse and State Office Building. It was designed by the same architect who designed the Liberty Bell and the United States Capitol Building. The buildings are on Main Street in Plum. The building is also one of only two buildings in the country that is made entirely of granite. The other is in Seattle, Washington.

The real estate market in Plum is growing every year. The home prices are going up and people are being lured into buying a home in this area. Some people are even selling their homes because of the rising real estate values. The main problem with purchasing property in Plum is that there are not too many schools or hospitals to attend.

Another problem with the real estate market in Plum is the lack of infrastructure and services. The state and federal government provide most services in this area including roads, utilities, schools and hospitals. There are also few government agencies in Plum. This means that there are few services available to residents.

The biggest problems with the real estate market in Plum are the housing costs. The average home cost in this area is close to thirty thousand dollars. It is also very important to remember that these home prices are not going up anytime soon. This means that you are stuck paying for a home for many years to come. You will also have a lot of room for price appreciation if you decide to sell your home.

This is why it is very important for those interested in buying a home in this area to learn about the real estate market in Plum. in order to get a good idea of the cost and the demand for homes in this area. Once you get a better feel for the housing market, you will know whether or not it will be a good investment for you and your family. There are many home buyers in Plum that can help guide you in finding the right home for you and your family. These professionals work with local realtors to help buyers and sellers find the perfect property.