Kansas - Area Code 785

Where is Area Code 785?

Area code (785) is in the state of Kansas

The state of Kansas is situated in the middle of the Great Plains in the United States. The state is a very large one and it has a lot of population centers, from the state capital of Topeka to the smaller townships. All of these have their own unique characteristics and many residents are always looking for the best possible schools and colleges in the state.


The state's central location makes it easy for those living there to get to various parts of the country and the rest of the world. It has three major ports along its eastern seaboard, which are the Johnson City International Airport, Olathe Kansas International Airport, and the Lawrence International Airport. Areas in central Kansas such as Lawrence and Topeka are quite flat, allowing people to make their way around easily in their cars. The topography also makes Kansas' climate quite comfortable, especially during the winter months.

The central part of the state is very densely populated with a wide variety of businesses, homes, schools and services. This means that many Kansans live in an area of central Kansas that is only accessible by public transportation. Those who do not have access to this type of transportation will be commuting on foot and by bicycle. Most Kansas residents live in rural areas and are surrounded by land of rolling farmlands and farms. This helps make it easier for them to be able to get around and to get their daily work done.

One of the main cities in central Kansas is Topeka. It is also the state capital and the county seat of Douglas County. Topeka is well known for its high quality of life and its economic status. This means that many Kansas residents work hard and make a nice living from working for different companies throughout the state, making it easy for them to afford the high standard of living that is available in this city.

The downtown part of the central city is also known for its wide array of shopping. The city has many department stores, specialty stores, a movie theater and a variety of other retail shops that provide residents and visitors alike with a wide array of goods to choose from. Many of the stores in this part of the city are open all hours of the day and night, making it easy for residents to shop for just about any need that they might have.

The great thing about living in this part of the state is that there is a lot of variety to the population. Kansas has a lot of different counties and cities and each one of them is a little bit different from the other, providing residents and visitors with a real feeling of diversity. If you are looking for a school in this state, you should look into one of the many schools that are located in Lawrence or one of the townships in central Kansas. You will find that Kansas provides great opportunities for quality education for its residents and you will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the great history of the state than you ever thought possible.