Virginia - Area Code 757

Where is Area Code 757?

Area code (757) is in the state of Virginia

Norfolk, VA is a coastal city located in Virginia in the Eastern U.S. It is one of the state's largest cities. The city's population is a little less than one-half million. It has been home to many notable figures in Virginia including William Jefferson Clinton and George Washington. There are many museums in this city that tell of the history of the city.


The Museum of Oceana and the Norfolk Botanical Garden are both within the boundaries of Norfolk. The Oceana is a World War II memorial museum. It displays artifacts of the war. The museum is located just west of the Ocean View Bridge. The Norfolk Botanical Garden is located at the James River Park. The gardens are divided into two areas. The first area contains over sixty plants that were collected from different parts of Asia by botanist Linnaeus.

There are many historic sites in Virginia that have historical significance. Some of these sites include the Old Dominion University, Mount Sterling National Memorial, and the Hampton Roads Aquarium. Hampton Roads Aquarium is a marine aquarium that is located near Hampton Roads. The aquarium displays coral, corals, fish, birds, sea life, and corals that are found in tropical and subtropical waters. The aquarium has been described as being like an oceanarium.

In Virginia, the Luau is one of the most popular festivals. There are so many Luau locations that are within the state that you can find the perfect location to have a Luau party. Luau parties can be very expensive but there are some affordable Luau celebration venues in Virginia. You will also want to check out the many different Luau recipes that are available for you to sample during your Luau celebration.

Halloween is another popular event in Virginia. People enjoy Halloween to spend time in scary costume parades and get into the spirit of Halloween. There are also many kids' Halloween parties that are held during the fall in Virginia. Virginia Beach is a popular destination for Halloween in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is a beach town on the eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay, where people enjoy the nightlife and the scenery.

The best way to enjoy all of the great things about Virginia is to visit the many different places in Virginia. You can find many fun things to do in every part of the state. Virginia's beaches and attractions are something to see and experience.

Cities in Areacode 757

  • Chesapeake
  • Hampton
  • Newport News
  • Norfolk
  • Portsmouth
  • Suffolk
  • Virginia Beach

Phone Prefixes in the 757 Areacode

7XX Areacode