Florida - Area Code 772

Where is Area Code 772?

Area code (772) is in the state of Florida

Palm City is an island in Palm Coast, Florida, US. It is the largest city in Palm County with a population of about 160,000. The population has been growing steadily for a few years now and it is forecast to continue doing so in the next few years. The area around Palm City has a variety of different industries and this includes major companies like Citicorp, American Petroleum Institute, and others that are located in Palm City.


Port Saint Lucie is another city in Palm County, Florida, US. It has a lot of business and industrial establishments like many other cities. Some of the main industries here include electrical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and others.

Palm City is also home to the University of Miami and is known for being a high-tech center. This is what made it such a popular place in Palm County, Florida for the pharmaceutical companies to set up shop in.

There are a small airport in Port Saint Lucie but a large sea port that are more frequented by people who are in search of seafood or other types of supplies. Port Saint Lucie's economy has been booming in recent years, which is one of the reasons why the population has been increasing.

In addition to these businesses and industries, Palm City has a variety of different tourist attractions including the Fort Pierce South Beach. The Fort Pierce South Beach is a popular tourist destination for the people who live in Palm City and are interested in seeing the beautiful scenery around the area. Another interesting thing to see about Palm City is the fact that there are no paved roads to many of the streets that are located in the area. The streets are dirt and there are only sidewalks for people to walk on.

Palm City has a lot of people who enjoy having golf courses as well as tennis courts. Some of these people are interested in playing professional golf or some type of professional tennis. There is even a major league of baseball called the Palm Beach Cardinals that plays in Palm City, which is why this city is popular for those who are interested in professional sports.

Palm City is considered to be a very safe city to live in and it is home to many high schools and colleges. A number of high schools and colleges are located in Palm City and they have some of the top performing students in the state of Florida.

One of the best things about Palm City is the fact that there are many different parks within the city that people can take advantage of. This means that there are many different activities to be had outside of the activities that the city offers. The surrounding areas in Palm City are very peaceful and it is one of the more peaceful places to live in the entire state of Florida.

Cities in Areacode 772

  • Fort Pierce South
  • Palm City
  • Port Saint Lucie
  • Vero Beach South

Phone Prefixes in the 772 Areacode

7XX Areacode