Massachusetts - Area Code 774

Where is Area Code 774?

Area code (774) is in the state of Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts is divided into five counties, from west to east, and is bordered by Maine to the east, Connecticut to the south, Rhode Island to the north, New Hampshire to the west, and Maine to the northwest. Southeast Massachusetts is comprised of the portions of Massachusetts lying south of Buzzards Bay including the towns of Fall River and Newbury, and their respective townships.


Central Massachusetts is the area surrounding Boston and includes several other towns, townships, and cities. Central Massachusetts includes the cities of Ashford, Belmont, Bethune, Boston, Brighton, Burlington, Dorchester, Danvers, Dedham, Everett, Framingham, Haverhill, Holyoke, Hopkinton, Lake Woebegone, Marlborough, Malden, Revere, Springfield, and Worcester. Southwestern Massachusetts is comprised of the portions of Massachusetts, lying west of the Appalachian Mountains including the towns of Braintree, Brimfield, Haverhill, Natick, Reading, and Winthrop.

Western Massachusetts includes the townships of Conway, Barnstable, Dorchester, Haverhill, Milton, and Needham. Northeastern Massachusetts is comprised of the municipalities of Attleboro, Barnstable, Framingham, and Worcester. All of these towns are located in the counties of Hampshire, Putnam, and Lincoln.

Massachusetts is a state that boasts an incredible geographical location, with an amazing array of historical sites and unique cultural heritage. There are also a plethora of beautiful beaches and parks in Massachusetts, where the locals enjoy spending time together.

Massachusetts is a very beautiful state, where its climate makes it a popular place for outdoor recreation. It has the third highest number of lakes of any state, and many people live in the state just for the great outdoors. Massachusetts is also one of America's most densely populated states, and it is well-known as a major business center, with various businesses, banks, and colleges located throughout the state.

When you are looking to purchase a home in Massachusetts, there are a variety of different reasons you might be interested in moving to the state. Whether you have purchased a home previously or are planning on purchasing a home in Massachusetts, there are many reasons why you should consider relocating.

Whether you are considering moving to Massachusetts for business reasons or to purchase a new home, you will want to consider the location of the home. Massachusetts is one of the most densely populated states in America, which means that there are a number of towns and cities, all with a significant population base.

You will find a lot of options available in Massachusetts when it comes to buying and selling homes. There are a number of real estate investors and real estate agents who have their own websites in Massachusetts, so that you can quickly locate homes that are available and ready to go. You can also use these sites to search for available condos and townhouses.

It is important to know that selling your real estate in Massachusetts can be much easier than selling real estate in some other parts of the country. Because of the large number of homes available, and the large number of properties, it is easy to find the homes that you are looking for, and it is also easy to sell your property quickly if you want to relocate. Selling real estate in Massachusetts is easy.

Cities in Areacode 774

  • Attleboro
  • Barnstable
  • Brockton
  • Fall River
  • Framingham
  • Franklin
  • Marlborough
  • Milford
  • New Bedford
  • Taunton
  • Worcester

Phone Prefixes in the 774 Areacode

7XX Areacode