California - Area Code 714

Where is Area Code 714?

Area code (714) is in the state of California

Buena Park, also known as Buena Vista, is an affluent, well-to-do community in northwest Orange County, just south of downtown Santa Ana. Its population is roughly 80,000, and it's the home of many popular tourist attractions, like Knott's Berry farm. The area was originally named Buena Vista but was changed to Buena Park in 1867, which was the name of a nearby street. Today, Buena Vista encompasses an enormous area between Santa Ana and Anaheim in Orange County's Anaheim Hills.


Buena Park has been around for more than five hundred years, dating back at least to the early nineteenth century, when it served as the town home for the Orange County railroad. The railroad tracks that exist today have been replaced by two freeways and an expressway, and a park and historic district still exist. A beautiful golf course and a new public pool are other attractions.

Buena Park also is the place where you'll find a great variety of California wines. It has a tasting room where you can sample the wines from various wineries in the region. It's a popular area to visit with a group of friends. In fact, many people choose to stay in the area because of the many attractions available.

In Buena Park, you'll find a few other attractions that are also located in Orange County. The community center features a pool and a kids playground. There is also a large covered playground area that is open year-round. There is also tennis and badminton courts within walking distance of the main buildings. Children can enjoy a swim or even visit the beach during the warm summer months. There is also a clubhouse for the youth baseball team.

The local newspaper also features a small, independent section devoted to publishing stories of the people who live, work and play in the area and the history of the area itself. The newspaper is published three times a week, so there is plenty of content for people to read on their leisure time. You'll also be able to subscribe to the local paper, if you don't already. For those who do subscribe, they can get access to all of the same features as people who don't subscribe. And, of course, they get all the local news that is published by the Orange County Register and the Oasis daily. News. It's important to note that the Orange County Register covers Buena Park, since there's only one edition published per day.

Buena Park offers many things to do in the area, both indoors and out, so residents and visitors can experience the beauty of California in all its glory without having to travel. And, as the second largest city in Orange County, the place also has the added benefit of being close to Disneyland.

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