Illinois - Area Code 773

Where is Area Code 773?

Area code (773) is in the state of Illinois

West Chicago, IL is located in DuPage County in the northwest corner of Illinois. The population was approximately 27,813 at the 2020 census, according to the 2020 US Census. It used to be named Junction and later, Turner, after the founder, John B Turner, a railroad magnate from Galena, IL. In 1857, the name was changed to West Chicago to distinguish it from the rest of the area that was then called Junction and later, Turner.


Today, the main business district is located in the south-central part of town. It has been a neighborhood since the late 1940s, when it was divided into two different parcels: one parcel was sold to a developer, while the other parcel is owned by the city of Chicago. A portion of the original strip was eventually developed into a neighborhood called Belmont. Today, West Chicago is known for its diverse economic and cultural diversity.

Although the city is only a suburb, its size is enough to create a sense of geographical distinction, since it is larger than some small towns in Illinois. Like its neighboring towns, West Chicago has a lake, a river, and an area of land. It also has a downtown business district, but unlike other suburbs, the downtown area is relatively well-developed. The downtown area is the main part of town, and is home to major businesses like McDonald's, a Starbucks, and a large parking lot.

Because the city is separated by two separate communities, the city can have more or less crime depending on which community it is located in. Although the majority of crimes are reported by the police, the residents of the area are encouraged to call the police whenever they experience a problem. Residents are always welcome to call the police if there is an issue outside the city limits, as well. Most residents tend to leave their homes and go to work in groups or as individuals.

Although the residents of West Chicago are often wealthy, there are many affordable homes available. They are located throughout the area, as well as the suburbs. This means that low-income families who want to live here can do so without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a luxury home. In fact, there are many low cost homes that are just as beautiful as the more expensive homes. However, because they are located in the suburbs, they tend to be located close to downtown and the main shopping and business districts of the city.

Although residents will travel from other areas of Illinois to live in West Chicago, many residents are able to commute on public transit. Some people who live in this area use buses and trains to get to work, and others drive. Many residents work in the downtown area and then take advantage of the nearby hospitals.