Tennessee - Area Code 731

Where is Area Code 731?

Area code (731) is in the state of Tennessee

Jackson is an important town in and around the central area of Tennessee. Founded in 1835 as the home of the first General Baptist Church, Jackson has grown over the years into a vital central business district of the central part of the state.


Located about 70 miles west of Memphis, it's a major metropolitan center of commerce for much of West Tennessee. Its population has grown over the years to over 65,000 at the 2020 Census and around 67,000 in the upcoming census estimate. Today, there are many businesses that are in the works that will be directly or indirectly impacting Jackson. Whether it's a new restaurant, new business, new apartment building or even a new shopping mall, Jackson should see a lot of growth in the coming years.

There are large numbers of people who work in the downtown area and along the interstate highway. This means that there will be plenty of room for more businesses to be developed. Whether it's a new shopping mall or a new restaurant, the new developments in and around Jackson are expected to provide jobs for a large number of people over the next few years. There will also be an increase in the number of jobs because of the growth of the business district.

There are also plenty of new apartments being built in Jackson. With all the new apartments being built and the new businesses that are opening, the rental rate is expected to increase in the area. While some may think that the area would go back to its previous value, the new developments will actually increase the value of the area. More people are living in the area now than ever before.

The growth of the city and the surrounding area should mean that there will be plenty of opportunities for Jackson residents and visitors to do business. The city is already benefiting from the presence of several large employers. While some of them have come to town recently, others have been in the area for many years. With the economy in need of some support, the growth of the downtown area and the surrounding area should continue to be supported by these employers.

The success of the downtown area is directly tied to the success of Jackson. If the economy in the city doesn't improve, there could be a negative impact on the business district in Jackson.