Ohio - Area Code 740

Where is Area Code 740?

Area code (740) is in the state of Ohio

In Ohio, the northern state bordering Michigan is known as Ohio. The state borders both Lake Erie and Cuyahoga River. It was first named after the French king, Louis XIV of France. The town of Athens is the capital of Ohio.


U.S Route 23 is an unnumbered United States numbered highway that follows U.S Route 29 (Route 23). In the state of Ohio it is a key north-south state highway which runs from the southern boundary at Toledo, Ohio to the southern boundary at Mackinaw City, Mich. It also has three interchanges in its route. The eastern part of this highway passes through the city of Chillicothe. The western portion of the route passes through the city of Columbus. The southern portion of this highway passes through the city of Oberlin. The northern part of the highway passes through the city of Elyria.

The city of Elyria is the easternmost point on Ohio Route 23. It is located in the southern tip of the county of Hancock in the state of Ohio. It is adjacent to the city of Oberlin and the Ohio cities of Columbus, Waynesville, and Port Clinton. The state of Ohio and the city of Columbus are separated by the Great Miami River. This river divides Ohio in two. The southern portion of this highway runs through the city of Elyria.

If you decide to travel this route, you will pass through the towns of Chillicothe, Sparta, Athens, and Elyria. You will also pass through the city of Elyria, Ohio, which is the seat of the city government of Elyria. From Elyria, you can also travel to Cleveland, Columbus, or Toledo.

In addition to the main highways, you may also pass through a number of small roads on your way to Ohio's major cities. Many of these roads, including the one that passes through the town of Sparta, are part of the Ohio state highway system. Other major highways on your route will take you through the cities of Athens, Cuyahoga County, Toledo, and Oberlin.

If you plan to visit Ohio, you should take the time to learn more about the highways that you will pass along the way. There are maps that show you where you will be traveling along the route. These maps will help you plan your itinerary and give you an idea of what you are doing when you go.

Cities in Areacode 740

  • Athens
  • Chillicothe
  • Delaware
  • Lancaster
  • Marion
  • Newark
  • Portsmouth
  • Zanesville

Phone Prefixes in the 740 Areacode

7XX Areacode