North Dakota - Area Code 701

Where is Area Code 701?

Area code (701) is in the state of North Dakota

North Dakota is a state (/'-dÉ™-koÊŠtÉ”/ (listen)), within the Midwestern and northern areas of the united states. It is currently the ninth largest in the area, second to California, and the tenth least densely populated state. The state borders Minnesota and Wyoming to the north, and Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska to the west.

North Dakota

North Dakota is bordered on three sides by Canada and bordered on one side by Minnesota. It has one international airport (Bismarck International), which is located just east of Bismarck. A second airport, Fargo Field, is located on the west side of the state. Both airports serve the entire state, but there are some cities within the state that have two airports: Fargo Field is served by many smaller airports that serve only part of the state, whereas Bismarck has an extensive airport that serves all of it.

Bismarck is a city located on the western part of North Dakota, close to the border with Canada. It is situated at the junction of the Missouri River and the Bakken Formation, and is about seventy miles from the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

Bismarck is located on the east side of the Mississippi River and was originally named after a Dutchman, Baptiste de Bismarck. De Bismarck, is a Protestant, was born in Holland, on the Netherlands' border with Canada. As an infant, he escaped the captivity of King Willem II, who killed his father during his captivity. He later escaped from captivity once more, traveling to Canada before settling in North Dakota. He was married to Mary Johnson, a native of Minnesota, and she bore him ten children. All of these are still living in the North Dakota area today.

Bismarck, also known as Bismark, is located in the heartland of North Dakota. It is the seat of government for the entire state. The capital is located in Bismarck, and it is one of only five state capitals in the entire country that have been in existence since 1857. It is also the seat of government for North Dakota's congressional districts. of both houses of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. Bismarck is the smallest of the fifty congressional districts.

Bismarck is home to the state Capitol Building, which is also the state capitol and is home to one of America's largest collections of art and history. Other notable buildings include the Minnesota Historical Museum and Minnesota State Capitol Museum. Bismarck is home to the North Dakota Petroleum Development Commission. Bismarck is also known for a number of businesses, including the Bismarck Shell, an oil exploration company. The Bismarck Gold Rush, or "The Great Bismarck Gold Rush," took place between 1869 and 1890.