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Where is Area Code 908?

Area code (908) is in the state of New Jersey

Hillside is actually a municipality in Union County, NJ, United States. The township was incorporated in 1960 and is bordered on the north by the Passaic River and on the east by New York City and the city of Newark.

New Jersey

The municipality of Crescent Hillside has a very interesting background with some notable names, some notable personalities and an even more interesting history. The community was originally located in what is now called Cranford, NJ and was originally home to many immigrants who migrated into the US at the time of the first immigrants who came in to America. The population then dwindled and it eventually became a town known as Crescent.

There are actually five townships in New Jersey and the Hillside is one of them. This is known as Township 11 of the town of Cranford. According to the map of the New Jersey townships it is actually a part of township twelve of Cranford. Although this town was never officially incorporated, it is part of the Union County government. There are a few streets in this area that were named Crescent Hillside, and these include Crescent Drive, Crescent Street, Crescent Avenue and Crescent Road.

Jessica Simpson was born in this town and still calls it home. She moved into the city of Camden when she was very young and then later went to college, graduating from St. Joseph's University. She moved back to the city where she is a resident today and has a house that was once called the Crumby House, which is located right off of Crescent Street and is about a mile away from the original Crescent Hillside home.

The town of Elizabeth was also incorporated in 1960 and was home to many immigrants including many families. It was also in existence prior to the formation of the State of New Jersey. In addition to being located in Essex County, this area is also part of the Jersey City section of New York City. Elizabeth was home to numerous immigrants throughout the history of New Jersey's history and is considered to be one of the first ethnic neighborhoods in New Jersey.

Many of the immigrants that settled in Elizabeth would settle in the upper class areas of Elizabeth, where they would have homes like the Crumby House, and other older homes. They would also live near the downtown area of Elizabeth and they were able to take the train from Newark to their work in New York City.

Cities in Areacode 908

  • Cranford
  • Elizabeth
  • Hillside
  • Linden
  • South Plainfield
  • Roselle
  • Scotch Plains
  • South Plainfield
  • Summit
  • Union City
  • Westfield

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