California - Area Code 951

Where is Area Code 951?

Area code (951) is in the state of California

The state of California has long been known for its commitment to rehabilitation of criminals and its strong dedication to helping out those in need. The state has several public housing facilities that have received the most praise from residents, though prisons also receive their fair share of attention. As more people become addicted to prescription medications, the state of California is struggling to find ways to combat the problem and provide treatment for those who have been incarcerated.


California Prison System - Prison populations throughout the state are expected to decline with the introduction of an addiction treatment program within the Department of Corrections. More than 500 inmate releases are expected to be released to the San Bernardino county system about 8,000 prison inmates are being released in the next few months, including those incarcerated in the county jail. About 5% of inmates in California prison systems have been drug or alcohol addicts and are expected to be put back in prison within a year. The new program will allow the county jail to release more offenders into the community without the added strain of drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

State Prison System - The Department of Corrections anticipates an influx of more than 4,500 inmate releases to the prisons in the state. The new programs are designed to allow inmates to enter the drug treatment program while still inside the system. The drug treatment and rehabilitation program are one of the most expensive components of an inmate's release and requires the cooperation of both the inmates and the correctional facility.

The prison system, however, is expected to see a higher number of inmates returning to jail. The inmates who are being housed in the county jail system in conjunction with the Drug Treatment Facility will not be released in large numbers to the state prison system. The large majority of the state prison population will remain housed in the prison while receiving treatment. If the inmates are released into the community, they will have to go through their community corrections supervision.

San Quentin State Prison - The prison system, which houses more than 5,500 inmates in five state prisons, is expected to experience a decline in inmate numbers because of the new system. The new drug treatment program was introduced by the Department of Corrections to reduce the stress that was associated with the prison's traditional drug court system. The prison will soon be implementing a new "reentry" plan in an effort to reduce the number of inmates returning to prison.

The state of California Prison System is working hard to help inmates receive quality care when they return to the community. Drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed to get inmates on the road to recovery while providing them with jobs and educational opportunities. Although there is not a cure for addiction, the system can reduce the risk of recidivism to a large extent. Although the new programs may seem to be a burden on the state, the cost and the benefit outweigh the amount of money it costs taxpayers, which is why the state continues to support the program.

Cities in Areacode 951

  • Banning
  • Corona
  • Hemet
  • Moreno Valley
  • Murrieta
  • Norco
  • Perris
  • Riverside
  • Rubidoux
  • Temecula

Phone Prefixes in the 951 Areacode

9XX Areacode