North Carolina - Area Code 910

Where is Area Code 910?

Area code (910) is in the state of North Carolina

President Obama's choice of North Carolina for his first presidential campaign stop is interesting. While it was interesting to hear that North Carolina has had a lot of Hurricane activity recently, I am more interested in what the President meant when he said "Fayetteville, NC". There are many communities along the eastern coast of North Carolina that have experienced substantial damage and loss of life, but what community does the President mean by Fayetteville?

North Carolina

The "Fay-Lockett-fordhampton" community has suffered a number of hurricanes and floods over the years and we have a little bit of a history of that area. The community, located around Fayetteville on the eastern coast of North Carolina, has suffered a lot of destruction in the past couple of decades from hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. The Fayetteville Hurricane Season was affected by Hurricane Floyd and it caused some serious damage on the east coast of North Carolina and even killed a family there and on the west coast of North Carolina. The community is still recovering from the damage that Hurricane Floyd caused and a number of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed.

There was major damage done to the community of Fayetteville in 2020, and the damage from Hurricane Floyd was similar. A number of homes and businesses were damaged in the Fayetteville area and many homes and businesses were destroyed during Tropical Storm Emily. In the case of Hurricane Emily, the damage was widespread in many different areas across the state of North Carolina.

The President's choice of Jacksonville, North Carolina to tour was not affected by Hurricane Emily or Hurricane Floyd; but it does represent the coastal flooding that occurred during the summer of 2020. Although the communities of Fayetteville were devastated by Hurricane Emily, the Jacksonville area received some of the worst flooding. The flooding resulted from heavy rainfall on the Atlantic Ocean that caused high tides, and large amounts of debris from the tides washed up on the beaches and roads of the Jacksonville area.

The President chose to tour the area in the summer of 2020 during Hurricane Joaquin because he wanted to experience firsthand the devastation caused by Hurricane Joaquin. In this case, Hurricane Joaquin did cause significant damage to the community of Fayetteville and Jacksonville, but it also caused some major flooding of the Jacksonville area as well. Although Hurricane Joaquin caused flooding, the flooding did not last long and subsided within a few days, but in fact stayed for about four to five weeks. Hurricane Joaquin made landfall in Florida and caused flooding in the Jacksonville area. The Florida flooding did not last very long either.

Hurricane Joaquin did not only affect the Fayetteville and Jacksonville areas; but it actually hit the Beaufort area and Fannin County in North Carolina. Beaufort County sustained major flooding because Beaufort County sits directly below the Beaufort Sea and is bordered by the Beaufort Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.