Alabama - Area Code 938

Where is Area Code 938?

Area code (938) is in the state of Alabama

Alabama is a southern U.S. state that has a rich cultural heritage that dates back to its earliest days. The state of Alabama is also home to many important landmarks from the civil rights movement. Birmingham, the state's largest city, is a major center for civil rights activism.


Birmingham is the home of the 16th Street Baptist Church that helped form the civil rights movement. The church was a focal point of the civil rights movement because it was the first church to openly support the movement. The Freedom Center is another landmark in Birmingham which was established as part of the civil rights movement. The Rosa Parks Memorial and Museum, which is dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. and the other leaders of the movement, are also located in the capital city of Birmingham.

Alabama is also known for its rich music heritage. The Black Heritage Center of Alabama preserves the legacy of the African-American musicians of the state. There is also the Music Maker's Center for African American Culture, which hosts musical events for residents of the state. The African-American Museum in Montgomery houses the only remaining example of the plantation architecture that was used by the antebellum southern states.

There are other places in Alabama where tourists can experience the history of the state. The Old Capitol Building is one of the oldest buildings in Alabama and houses a National Historic Landmark designation. The old Capitol Building also features the world's largest outdoor fountain.

Alabama is also known for its food heritage. The Magnolia State is home to many festivals and events where visitors and residents alike enjoy the delicious food of this region. The Southern Food & Beverage Association is the official trade association for Alabama and is recognized as the state's premier trade organization. The annual Southern Food and Beverage Convention, one of the most famous and popular events in Alabama, is held every year in Montgomery, Alabama.

Alabama is also known for its historical sites. There are many historic sites that have been designated as being of interest to Alabama residents. The Alabama Historical Museum and Science Center hold some of the largest collections of Civil War artifacts from this part of the country. The Southern Women's History Museum and Research Center are also holding a large collection of Civil War artifacts that date back several decades. The Alabama Battlefields Museum is located in Montgomery, which chronicles the Civil War battlegrounds of the state.