Oregon - Area Code 971

Where is Area Code 971?

Area code (971) is in the state of Oregon

Oregon is a great state, full of beautiful scenery, interesting attractions, and fascinating people. You will find all these in Portland, Oregon, which is located in Gresham, Oregon county, in Oregon State.


Oregon is considered to be an American dream: a state where the outdoors, nature, and people mingle. It is also home to some of the most beautiful places in Oregon, which you will definitely enjoy visiting when you visit Oregon.

There are many beautiful places in Oregon, one of them being the beautiful Gresham, Oregon. You can easily get to Gresham, Oregon by taking any ferry from Portland and then getting a car rental. You can go around the town driving a rented car if you want, or you can simply ride a bicycle to see the sights.

If you like water sports, you should check out the George Hutchison Water Park. This is only five minutes away from downtown Gresham. Here you can easily swim, kayak, dive, or even fish. This park is also popular with hikers. The whole thing is made up of a lake, a bridge, and a slide.

Another attraction in Oregon is the Hwy. 101, which is located near Gresham. This highway runs for more than 50 miles, offering breathtaking views along the way.

Other important attractions in Oregon include the beautiful Tillamook Bay, one of the largest bays in North America. This bay is surrounded by lush green forest and a long beach. There are also the Corbett National Park, where you can visit the natural wonders like the cliffs, sand dunes, and mountains.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Oregon is the beautiful Columbia River Highway. This highway is divided into five main sections: Hood Canal, Salmon Bay, Tualatin Valley, Larch Valley, and Rogue River. This highway runs for more than sixty miles through Oregon.

One of the most popular places in Oregon, Portland, is probably the City of Portland itself. The city is very beautiful and has a variety of different tourist attractions and activities. There are many things to do in Portland, including various parks, museums, the famous statue of David Douglas Fir, and the Oregon Zoo, and of course, the Portland airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the United States.

If you do not want to drive in Portland, you can still enjoy many of the beautiful attractions in the city, especially those that are located along the Columbia River. There are a lot of attractions that are within walking distance to Portland, such as: Oregon Zoo, St. John's Green, Oregon Zoo, Portland Museum of Art, Hawthorne Bridge, the Lloyd District, Pearl District, Old Town Square, and more. In fact, many attractions in Portland are located close to the city center, which is why they are called "central".

There are different ways in which you can get to Portland, which includes public transportation or by taking a bus or train, driving your car, or by renting a car or even a boat. Public transportation is the best way to go to see all of the major sights in Portland, which makes it an easy choice if you have little time to visit all of them.

Cities in Areacode 971

  • Aloha
  • Beaverton
  • Gresham
  • Hillsboro
  • Keizer
  • Lake Oswego
  • McMinnville
  • Milwaukie
  • Oregon City
  • Portland
  • Salem
  • Tigard
  • Tualatin
  • West Linn
  • Woodburn

Phone Prefixes in the 971 Areacode

9XX Areacode