Michigan - Area Code 989

Where is Area Code 989?

Area code (989) is in the state of Michigan

Michigan is a mid-sized state bordering the upper Midwest on its west coast, and the north part of its central region. Its name originates from the Ojibwe language mishigami, which means "big water"big lake."


The state has one of the most diverse geographical areas, with parts that are predominantly in the northern part of the state in Michigan's west side, while the south part of the state is made up mostly of Lake Michigan. The state is located along the north western boundary of the Great Lakes and is bordered by Indiana to the south and Minnesota to the north.

Detroit's cities are the largest cities in Michigan. In addition to this, there are other major cities such as Ann Arbor and Lansing. Due to its vast geography, Michigan is the most populous state of the union, and is the fifth largest state in terms of population, with a larger percentage of African Americans living in the state. Michigan's capital city is Lansing.

Michigan is the home state of two of America's best known car manufacturers: Ford Motor Company and General Motors. Most of the people who live in Michigan are from Michigan, which is why they tend to have a large population base, and therefore, the high number of businesses. Most major cities in Michigan are located on the east, west, and south sides of the state.

Michigan is also the home of some of America's premier universities and colleges, such as Michigan State University of Michigan. Some of these universities are ranked among the top 10 colleges in the country, such as Michigan State University.

Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Marquette, and Grand Rapids are the main cities in the state of Michigan. The state of Michigan is also the home of Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, the world's largest steel maker, and Caterpillar. Other notable manufacturing companies include Continental, Cadillac, and Dodge.

The state has a lot to offer for those looking for an all natural beauty and a laid back way of life. It has very few major urban areas, and the cities are relatively small and rural, making it a great place to live in.

The state is known for its Midwestern style of living. Michigan is located in the Midwest, close to the Great Lakes and Lake Michigan. Michigan, which makes it easy to reach from the rest of the United States. Michigan is also the home of the Great Lakes National Park and the Everglades National Park, and both of these bodies of water are located in the state.

The state offers many different cultures and traditions, and different lifestyles. Michigan has been referred to as a "Land of Dairy and Cows", so it is not surprising that its dairy industry is one of its biggest industries, which is why the state is known for producing some of the highest quality cheese in the entire country.