Wisconsin - Area Code 262

Where is Area Code 262?

Area code (262) is in the state of Wisconsin

The city in Wisconsin between Kenosha and Brookfield is Caledonia, and it is known for its shopping malls and entertainment venues. The best place to visit between Kenosha and Brookfield is Caledonia, WI which is a few miles from the midpoint between the two cities. The town that marks the halfway point between the two is Oakwood, WI.


The closest zip code in Wisconsin to the midpoint between the two towns is 53560. You will notice that this zip code only has a couple of hundred people living in it and that's why it's hard to find a decent shopping center in this area. There are two places to start looking though that have stores in Caledonia. One is the mall that sits right on the lake and it's owned by Sears. The other place is the shopping center that is located on the other side of the lake near the beach.

If you don't like to do anything when you're in the area you can walk down to the lake front and check out the park district. The park district is great because there is plenty of things to do. If you like to go hiking you should check out the Lake Michigan Nature Park. If you prefer a little different activity then head to the Kenosha Bay Park. There are also museums that you can enjoy while you are in Caledonia.

If you enjoy great nightlife then make sure that you take in the Kenosha's Westlake area. There are several bars and nightclubs that you can visit while in town. The most popular nightclub in the area is the Kenosha Diner which is open seven days a week and offers a number of events during the summer months. If you're interested in some other nightlife then you should make sure to check out the Kenosha City Center, the Kenosha Coliseum and the Kenosha Music Hall.

Wisconsin residents can easily get to the rest of the states that they need to reach in just a few hours with a good set of maps. With all of the options in mind you should be able to find a great place to stay. The hotels that are located in Caledonia can easily afford to offer their guests more than one room. If you would rather rent a home in one of the buildings you will also be able to do so.

In Wisconsin there are many wonderful things to see and do and the state has a lot to offer everyone. Caledonia is a great place to live for the whole family. It is not as large in population as some of the bigger cities but still offers a good amount of things for everyone.

Cities in Areacode 262

  • Brookfield
  • Caledonia
  • Kenosha
  • Menomonee Falls
  • Mequon
  • Muskego
  • New Berlin
  • Racine
  • Waukesha
  • West Bend

Phone Prefixes in the 262 Areacode

2XX Areacode