Wyoming - Area Code 307

Where is Area Code 307?

Area code (307) is in the state of Wyoming

Wyoming is indeed a doubly sparse landlocked state at the western portion of the United States. The tenth largest state by landmass, it is the second least densely populated and third least densely populated state in this country. If you're looking to find some solitude in a location where you can't be seen, Wyoming may not be the place for you. Here are five main reasons why Wyoming is ideal for someone looking to escape the rat race.


Wyoming's small population means that it has fewer businesses and large establishments. There are a few very large corporations in Wyoming, but even they aren't as common as they are in some of the larger states. Wyoming does have a few very large oil refineries, however. Wyoming doesn't have the number of population centers that many other states do, which is great because there isn't much noise. Wyoming is a great escape from the city life and noise that's common in large cities and towns.

Wyoming has consistently had good weather throughout its history. Although it's been hit with a couple of major droughts in recent years, Wyoming has historically had great dry spells. The state is known for its long winters, which are generally mild and dry. If you want to get away from the cold of the winter, Wyoming can offer some quality skiing.

Wyoming has several great recreation opportunities. While the state is known for its large cities and metropolitan areas, Wyoming actually has more small towns and rural locations than any other state. There are many outdoor activities in Wyoming that can be enjoyed by both families and individuals. There are horseback riding, hunting, and fishing to name just a few.

Wyoming has an excellent business climate. The state has one of the strongest business climates in the US. This is partly due to the fact that Wyoming is actually a very small place. The state is located on the eastern edge of the nation, so it experiences minimal population growth. There are no major metropolitan areas and small towns in Wyoming, which is one of the reasons why the business climate is so strong. As such, Wyoming has one of the highest rates of economic growth in America.

The final reason that Wyoming is perfect for someone looking for a bit of tranquility is because of the economy of the state. Wyoming has an above average economic growth rate. Because of the high standard of living that most residents enjoy, Wyoming has some of the best rates of home ownership in this country, which is good news for the homeowner. Even in a slow economy like Wyoming, it is always a good idea to own something in your home.