Utah - Area Code 435

Where is Area Code 435?

Area code (435) is in the state of Utah

The state of Utah is one of many that have legalized medical marijuana. It is a progressive step towards ending the drug war. Eighteen states plus D.C. allow for some form of medical marijuana. In November, voters in six states including Utah passed ballot measures that legalized medical marijuana. The new laws in Utah could have significant consequences for pharmacies that offer the drug.


The health department said in a statement that eight of the businesses are owned partially or entirely by Utah residents. Medical marijuana pharmacy license holders in this state will be required to pay an annual administrative fee of about $50,000-69,500 based on the type of licensing they received.

It is important to understand what the state law says when it comes to selling medical marijuana. According to the new laws in Utah, a person over the age of 18 who has a valid prescription from a licensed physician can legally buy, possess and grow small amounts of marijuana for personal use. People who are pregnant, HIV/AIDS patients and people with severe illnesses such as glaucoma, cancer, and AIDS are not allowed to grow or use marijuana. Retailers must have a government license for growing marijuana.

There is a growing concern among some Utahns that the state's new laws will allow medical marijuana to become more widely available. Currently, only doctors, licensed doctors and nurses and registered nurses in a medical marijuana program are permitted to cultivate and dispense it. Many pharmacists feel that this is unfair. They have also expressed concern that the process is confusing and could lead to an increase in marijuana abuse in Utah. The state has said that the new laws will provide a level playing field for everyone. The legislation also ensures that only people with serious diseases will be able to get marijuana.

One concern that many Utahns have is whether they can continue to sell medical marijuana. They worry that once the government takes over the marijuana industry that they will try to limit the number of shops that sell medical marijuana and charge higher prices. The state says this is not likely. Instead, they say that they will continue to work with state and federal authorities to make sure that all regulations regarding marijuana sales are followed.

Currently, it is legal in Utah for patients to use and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes. The state is working to regulate the sale of marijuana and make sure that it remains safe for patients while making sure that people with serious medical conditions have access.