Arkansas - Area Code 479

Where is Area Code 479?

Area code (479) is in the state of Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas gets a lot of severe thunderstorm activity every summer. These types of storms cause lots of damage to houses and other structures, so the weather service keeps track of these storms and makes recommendations about how to handle them.


The National Weather Service has a website that features tornado and hail maps. Northwest Arkansas has a fairly high incidence of tornadoes, but hail is more common. Therefore, Northwest Arkansas roofing companies have a good understanding of how to handle hail.

For example, Northwest Arkansas roofing companies recommend that you take cover under the eaves of your home, not just on top of it. If you live in a building that is built with a flat roof, or has an attic, don't count on the structure's ability to absorb the energy of the hail, as this isn't likely to happen.

To protect your house from hail, you need to take down your roof. If your house has a flat roof, it's even more important. Even if your roof is flat, it still needs to be checked, especially if the flat part of your roof is close to the base of the roof. This is the area where hail and debris typically lands.

Northwest Arkansas roofing companies have the tools and materials necessary to safely remove hail and repair roofs. They know exactly which tools and material to use, as well as how to make repairs. It's not worth the risk of causing serious damage to your home to take the time to hire Northwest Arkansas roofing companies.

If you live in Northwest Arkansas, it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your home and property from major weather outbreak. If you need Northwest Arkansas roofing services, contact one of the many companies in the area that offer this type of service.

Northwest Arkansas roofing companies can also be hired for other roofing needs, including repairing damaged siding and gutters. Many people are afraid to fix their own gutters and siding, and so hire an experienced Northwest Arkansas roofer to do this work for them.

Northwest Arkansas roofing companies can provide you with free estimates, and this way you can compare the prices between the Nashville and Fayetteville roofing companies that are offering the best rates. You can also get quotes online and compare costs without leaving your home.

Northwest Arkansas roofing companies can provide you with expert advice, quality service, and fast roofing solutions that will ensure the durability of your home and roof for years to come. When you contact Northwest Arkansas roofing companies, be sure to let them know that you have questions about any roofing service you're interested in.