Missouri - Area Code 660

Where is Area Code 660?

Area code (660) is in the state of Missouri

Missouri is a state in the central region of America, bordered by Kansas on one side and Illinois and Arkansas on the other. It is the second most populated state in the United States with around nineteen million inhabitants. The state's central location has been an attraction for many people, but it was not until World War II that it became a center for agriculture, manufacturing, and other business sectors. Its unique geographical features and rich agricultural history have kept it a destination for those looking to get involved with the farming and agricultural industries. Sedalia, Missouri is home to a number of farmers, ranchers, and agricultural producers.


Sedalia, which means "the little town," is a small town that is located around thirty miles west of the Mississippi River and as the capital of the Pettis County, Missouri, metropolitan statistical area, it is the main city of the Sedalia Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population of Sedalia is around twenty-four thousand, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the country. As of 2020, the city had an estimated population of twenty-one thousand.

In addition to its important economic base, Sedalia has a great deal of historical value to the people who live there. The city is named after Thomas G. Sedalia, the mayor of Missouri Territory who was instrumental in establishing a system of water supplies throughout the entire territory. The city was also named after Thomas G. Sedalia, a pioneer who was one of the first settlers to settle on the river. In fact, during the 1800s, the town was named after the town of Thomas G. Sedalia. He was a fur trader and he founded the town of Sedalia, Missouri.

The town of Sedalia, Missouri was originally established as a depot for goods that were shipped in from other parts of Missouri. Eventually, people began using it as a place to buy products such as flour, butter, saltpeter, and wood chips, and in turn it became a center of commerce. As more houses and businesses became established, people began using this small town as a major agricultural center for the entire area. Today, Sedalia is home to many large corporations and businesses that manufacture everything from automobiles to pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical products.

The major industries that operate in the community of Sedalia include livestock and farming, petroleum and mineral extraction, and petroleum refining, textile mills, chemical manufacturing, wood processing, and others. The agricultural sector is responsible for over fifty percent of the economy of Sedalia and it is worth more than three billion dollars per year. This is also one of the largest employers in the United States and as a result of its close proximity to major cities like Kansas City and St. Louis. The city also draws a large number of professionals because of their jobs in major companies like the Missouri Pacific Railroad, the U.S. Steel Corporation, Kansas City Southern Railway and others. The city is also considered a hotbed of political influence in terms of local and national government and political races.

The people who live in Sedalia are proud citizens of this southern city and are committed to helping the environment, as evidenced by their efforts to plant trees, support the preservation of wildlife, improve the environment in their communities, and many others. The city also offers many environmental programs and activities that have been established to help preserve the natural resources of its area. Its population is comprised of a variety of different races and religions and it is a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome.