Missouri - Area Code 636

Where is Area Code 636?

Area code (636) is in the state of Missouri

Chesterfield is a southern suburb of St. Louis, situated in St. Charles County, Missouri. The population was approximately 29,857 as of the 2020 census. It is one of the most affluent and famous suburbs in the state. It is considered to be one of the most affluent towns in Missouri. Most of its residents are well educated and have high paying jobs.


Most people in Chesterfield are successful in their careers, are successful with their families, and live in a top notch neighborhoods, with top-notch colleges and a wide variety of educational institutions. Chesterfield has also been designated as a very safe area. It is a very important place for residents and tourists to visit.

Chesterfield is in close proximity to O'Fallon and Ballwin. It is situated along O'Fallon Avenue, which is an important street for the town. It is also home to many major employers, such as Kmart, Best Buy, JCPenny and many more. There are a lot of reasons why people choose to reside in Chesterfield, but one of them is because of its beautiful and clean neighborhoods.

The O'Fallon Avenue has several different streets that are home to different types of establishments. Some of these include banks, restaurants, shopping centers, night clubs, and shopping malls. The Chesterfield Community Association is responsible for maintaining a very good community.

One of the biggest reasons why people chose to move into Chesterfield, was the fact that it is located right off of O'Fallon Avenue. This neighborhood is known for being a nice and peaceful place to live. People enjoy living in a peaceful community where crime does not take place. This is why most people prefer living in Chesterfield to many other areas of the city. There is a wide variety of schools available, and a lot of them are very reputable.

There are also a variety of neighborhoods that are located in this town, which are considered to be affordable. There are a number of parks that are also available to residents. There are a number of private schools available as well, including some that are very prestigious.

The neighborhoods that surround Chesterfield are very beautiful, and have a lot of history to them. If people want to move into a home that has historical value, then they should consider going into the neighborhoods that surround Chesterfield. It is very important to make sure that the neighborhoods that surround the home are secure.

Most people who are living in these neighborhoods do not have a problem with crime. It is a safe and secure community. A lot of the time people are very careful in making sure that they are leaving the doors locked, and windows locked, and that no one is trying to get into their homes at all times.

People who are looking for a great place to live are more than satisfied with the way that Chesterfield has helped people achieve their goals. They have many good things to offer. The people that live in Chesterfield are very happy, safe, and comfortable, with great neighbors.

Cities in Areacode 636

  • Ballwin
  • Chesterfield
  • O'Fallon
  • Saint Charles
  • Saint Peters
  • Wildwood

Phone Prefixes in the 636 Areacode

6XX Areacode