American Samoa - Area Code 684

Where is Area Code 684?

Area code (684) is in the state of American Samoa

Pago is the capital of American Samoan territory, consisting of a series of small coastal settlements along Tutuila Island, including the city of Pago. It is a gateway to the Samoan National Park, which encompasses the pristine rainforests, crystal clear waters and lush tropical rainforests visited by endangered humpback whales. Fagatogo Village is home to the Haydon Museum, displaying local historical artifacts from an old U.S. military facility. A walking trail leads up to Blunt Point Battery, which was used during World War II.

American Samoa

The American Samoan government is trying to improve communication with their mainland Samoans, as well as the wider world, in an attempt to increase their tourism industry. This has resulted in many tours of the island, including the historic and cultural tours to Fagatogo Village, and the popular tours of the National Park, including kayaking and helicopter rides.

The area is also used as a base for many US military exercises. While there is a large population of Samoans living in Pago it is mainly a U.S military presence. The main US military base is called Camp Lejeune. There are also a number of small villages around Camp Lejeune.

Many people visit the island on vacation, and one of the more common ways to reach the Samoan islands is by air. From Miami, Florida, passengers can fly direct to Pago. Or, they can take a trans-island ferry which goes directly to Tutuila and then to Pago.

Tour buses can take travelers around the area but are not recommended unless you have extensive knowledge of Samoan culture. In addition to providing tours of the area, these buses provide a way to explore the island. Tour buses typically stop at many important places, including Fagatongo Village, the Blunt Point Battery and a site where a famous U.S Marine Corps historic marker was made. Once you arrive, you will probably want to head to the Jean Haydon Museum. and Blunt Point Battery to see the memorial plaque commemorating the Battle of Blunt Point Battery.

When touring the area, it's worth visiting Blunts Point, also known as Gunpoint Point. It was the site of an infamous battle between the U.S Navy and the Japanese Army during World War II. While it's not open to visitors, it is possible to view parts of the battle. This is an important site because of its importance in World War II, because the battleship USS Midway was anchored here, as being an anti-aircraft gun. There is an excellent history museum in the area called the Blunt Point Historic Site and Museum.

Cities in Areacode 684

  • Pago Pago
  • Tafuna
  • Vaitogi
  • Mapusagafou
  • Leone
  • Faleniu
  • Fagatogo

Phone Prefixes in the 684 Areacode

6XX Areacode