California - Area Code 858

Where is Area Code 858?

Area code (858) is in the state of California

Poway is an unincorporated town in San Diego county, California, United States. The unincorporated community was first a part of San Diego County on December 1, 1970. Poway's urban roots gave birth to its slogan, "The City of the Country." Today, the city has a population of 47,000. Poway has a diverse population and the majority of residents are of Hispanic or Latino descent. The majority of residents live in North Poway or South Poway.


Poway has many attractions that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and backgrounds. There are many parks, public recreational areas, playgrounds, and museums to choose from. There are many parks located throughout the city. In addition, there are also parks in Poway. All residents and visitors should take time to visit these parks.

There are many popular sports activities located throughout the city. These activities include golf, tennis, basketball, football, track, baseball, softball, soccer, and more. It is possible to enjoy a day of sporting activities by attending a local game in Poway. These sporting events offer an array of entertainment for families and visitors.

The city of Poway has many historic sites to view. There are many museums located in Poway. There is the Old Town Square, which is known for its historical architecture. There is also the Powick Zoo. In addition to these landmarks, there are also historical landmarks in Poway. Many of these landmarks date back hundreds of years. The City Park Historical Society and Powick Park Conservancy are both organizations with resources for tourists to see these historical sites.

The cultural heritage of Poway, California is also well-known throughout the country. There are many performances of local and international artists throughout the year. There is also a wide variety of cultural shows throughout the year. Most residents and visitors enjoy eating fresh food that is prepared by local vendors. One can also enjoy dining at one of many fine restaurants located throughout the area. Restaurants serve a variety of food and offer different types of cuisine.

There are many entertainment options available to those who are interested in enjoying the arts. There are numerous festivals throughout the year. Residents and visitors can attend these festivals to listen to live music, view live art displays, and other events. There are also museums in Poway to explore the history of the area. For those who are interested in learning more about the history of Poway, there are also several educational exhibits in the Powick Museum and the Powick Historic Site.