Florida - Area Code 863

Where is Area Code 863?

Area code (863) is in the state of Florida

Florida is an excellent place to spend vacations. It offers a diverse range of recreational opportunities, including beaches, golf courses, water sports, art galleries, museums, historic sites, cultural festivals, and more. Here are some of the major tourist attractions in Florida:


Winter Park - Located on the banks of the Daytona Bay and the beautiful lake of Lake Huron, Winter Park has the perfect setting for a family-friendly getaway. Winter Park's main attractions include the Lake Huron National Recreation Area, with three popular areas: Hocking Hills State Park and Preserve, the North Cascades National Forest and the National Wildlife Refuge. Winter Park's historic Olde Winter Park Hotel, designed by famed architect Louis Comfort Tiffany and the Holiday Inn at Winter Park serve as important points of interest.

Lakeland - A popular lake destination for tourists, Lakeland, Florida, is an ideal vacation spot because of its beautiful scenery and relaxing ambience. The beautiful Lakeland Lake features the majestic Blackhead River, with over four miles of white-water rivers. The Blackhead River is home to many water sports, including canoeing, kayaking, fly fishing, scuba diving, swimming, boating and more.

Kentucky Lake - This lake is located on the south-central tip of Kentucky. Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking and boating adventures in this wonderful landscape. In addition, visitors can enjoy nature viewing, canoeing and kayaking on this scenic lake. The Appalachian Trail, which can be reached by car, can also be enjoyed by visiting the Appalachian Trail Visitors Center.

Lakeland - The beautiful Lakeland Lake features five miles of pristine beaches. The most popular area of this lake features the beautiful Atlantic Beach, a sandy stretch of beach that features two white sand bars. Other popular areas of the lake are also found at Deerfield Beach, Beachy Head and Sandy Point. Several popular attractions in the area include the popular Winter Park Lake Lodge, an elegant establishment featuring a swimming pool, fishing facilities and more.

Winter Park - The best way to experience the beauty and charm of this area is to visit Winter Park, Florida. The beach is one of the best in Florida and is one of the premier areas for Florida tourists. Winter Park's beaches are home to some of the most luxurious accommodations, including the Lakeland Beach Resort & Club, the Winter Park Marina and the Winter Park Golf Club, among others.

With Florida tourism becoming so popular these days, you will find many resorts to choose from. There are many options for the different types of visitors, from people just interested in sunbathing or boating to those who want to have an adventure with water sports. The Florida Keys Resort and Ocean Park are just a few of the top resorts in the area, along with Sea World and the Orlando theme parks. If you prefer to relax, there are many beautiful hotels that are just waiting to offer you the perfect accommodations.

With Florida tourism being so popular, there are plenty of things to do in this state. Whether you plan on visiting during the winter months or during the summer months, you will never run out of places to visit. Florida.