Vermont - Area Code 802

Where is Area Code 802?

Area code (802) is in the state of Vermont

Living in a state like Vermont is extremely rewarding for those who are truly interested in the natural beauty that is found in the state. As a result, it makes sense to consider several factors when selecting a home and property to purchase. In fact, many real estate experts will tell you that they believe the best way to locate a quality property is through comparing various areas and communities across the state.


Considering affordability, access to good schools, crime statistics and proximity to major population centers, as well as access to affordable housing, were all considered key factors to consider when evaluating the best communities, towns and neighborhoods to live in Vermont. There are plenty of options available to those interested in owning a home in the area, so there is a chance to find a home that fits your needs without spending a lot of money.

One of the most important aspects to consider is the area in which one lives. Whether a person lives in the southern portion of the state or the western part of the state, Vermont residents will find a wide variety of homes that offer different features. This can make it difficult to find the perfect place to live, but with some research and knowledge of what makes up a community, the search can be made much easier.

Homes in Vermont may be divided based on a number of criteria. For instance, a home in Burlington may feature both an outdoor pool and a lake view. The type of homes also vary quite a bit. Depending on what is most important to someone in the area, they may prefer to live in a quaint, historic area of Vermont, or they may choose a home that is near a major business district in the city.

The state of Vermont is currently experiencing a real estate market that is unique and provides homeowners with an opportunity to purchase real estate that offers some of the best homes that are located close to a variety of entertainment and shopping opportunities. Many people may not realize how affordable the region is, especially compared to other states in the country. If a person is willing to spend a little time looking around a few different areas in the state, they will likely be able to find a great property at an affordable price that offers some of the best living options in the United States.

When looking for real estate in the state of Vermont, you will definitely want to consider the various options that are available. There are many different types of houses, condos, town homes, single family homes, condominiums, single family houses, and more that each town has to offer. Be sure to research all of the different areas that have homes that match your needs so you can be assured that you are choosing the right home to make you and your family feel comfortable.