Pennsylvania - Area Code 878

Where is Area Code 878?

Area code (878) is in the state of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, officially the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is a large state situated in the central, Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Appalachia areas of the U.S. The Appalachian Mountains runs along its western border. Its population consists mainly of people from the Midwest, southern New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. It is also a major political, social, and cultural center for the region.


The major cities in Pennsylvania include Pittsburgh, Erie, Scranton, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Washington, D.C. Many people find employment in Pittsburgh as a result of the large number of manufacturing plants located here. People have also begun to move to the city in droves due to its proximity to major universities including the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State University, and University of Maryland University College. It is also home to the National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins. Philadelphia, another state in Pennsylvania, is also popular among people seeking employment in the business world. There are a number of major corporations, including Conseco, Microsoft, and Verizon, that have bases in the Philadelphia area.

There are also many smaller cities and towns located within the state that have an abundance of employment opportunities. These towns range from smaller towns to larger cities and include New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and other locations. These towns have seen an influx of people looking for work, as well as many new residents who have been relocated from other states. All of these different populations have contributed to a great deal of job opportunities available. One of the major concerns for many individuals looking for employment in Pennsylvania is how to get a good education. Pennsylvania does provide many opportunities for people to earn a degree, regardless of whether or not they want to pursue a career in a particular field.

Pennsylvania has numerous colleges and universities that offer a wide variety of programs. The major colleges and universities in the state include the University of Pennsylvania; The College of Medicine; Drexel University; Temple University; Lehigh University; University of Pittsburgh; Williams College; and Bryn Mawr. The University of Pittsburgh, the nation's tenth largest university, offers a number of postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs.

For those who are interested in getting their bachelor's degree, a number of online universities exist in Pennsylvania offer the chance to do so. These online schools give people the option of earning a degree from a college that is not physically located in person. Other programs may be available that require students to attend a campus. There are also a number of vocational schools that teach a wide variety of courses that help people obtain their basic skill sets to start a career. These schools can also be found in all parts of the state, which means that a person in need of more specialized training can find a school close to where they live.

While the job outlook in Pennsylvania is promising, many people choose to take advantage of the opportunities it provides. This means that there are still many jobs available for people with various skills and educational backgrounds. This is one reason why it should be considered a good idea to relocate to the state. Those who work hard and stay on top of the job market are in high demand.

Cities in Areacode 878

  • Bethel Park
  • McKeesport
  • Mount Lebanon
  • Monroeville
  • New Castle
  • Penn Hills
  • Pittsburgh
  • Plum
  • Upper Saint Clair
  • West Mifflin

Phone Prefixes in the 878 Areacode

8XX Areacode